BandHip Hop

Ovel, an one man show composing and producing some of the hottiest Gospel Hip Hop tracks in the U.S. I like to use different styles of music to create new sounds,and different styles of music.


I like all kind of music, but what I really like is smooth jazz. So I thought Hip Hop Gospel would be really cool to do for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is my life, I thank him for all he has done for me and keeping me here in this world.The Gospel is my thing now all because of what God had done for me,changing my life and setting me straight. I give him the Glory and the praise because he is a wonderful God. Thank you Christ, Jesus bless is his name.I love to talk about his goodness and all the things he has done for the world.


My new album is call My Testimony it's my life story of how God brought me out the world from doing all sorts of crazy thing, bless be my Heavenly Father

Set List

1) Change 4:55, 2) All you get 4:02, 3) Dead and gone 4:55, 4) Once in a life time 5:38, 5) My testimony 3:03, 6) Say his name 5:11 7) Thieves 4:55, 8) Don't make me 4:34 9) Oneway 3:23, 10) A new life 4:17, 11) Now is the time 5:11, 12) I quit 3:18, 13) He's Holy 4:45 ,14) Stand or fall 4:14, 15) The south 4:48