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Hey it is Jody Shackelford for SRSG Magazine. Today was the first official photo shoot for SRSG and it couldn't have went better. I met Overbearing Band, a three piece pop rock band from Thayer. These guys are the best of both worlds between true professional and fun guys to be around. There music is amazing for a group that has only been together for about a year. Did I mention the lead singer, Tyler Spragg is 14-years-old? Tyler along with brother Ryan Spragg, 16, on guitar and friend and band member Thomas Ricketts, 16, ..board make up the unique and original song writing group Overbearing Band. This group of young men from Thayer, Mo., may still be students at Thayer High School but still manage to draw sold out crowds at places like the Avenue Theater in West Plains.

We met today in Hardy and after a entertaining interview, the shutter started snapping. Instantly my LCD screen lite up with incredible images composed of good lighting and three great personalities.

In my opinion these guys are going somewhere and it would be a disservice to everyone if I did not insist on giving them a listen. If you think this is a cheap plug for a hohum ballad of studio karaoke you are deeply mistaken.

Click here to Listen to Overbearing Band

These guys are true homegrown artists, superior musicians with superior music.

Great first shoot and I can't wait to see the article and pictures in the magazine. We are looking to have it everywhere by Sept 1!

P.S. I didn't upload the best of the best pictures. You will have to catch the magazine for that!
- Jody Shackelford

Local News

Overbearing Rocked the House Accoustically
Posted:16 Jun 2008

In what might be one of the best indoor concerts this year, Overbearing, a young all male group of "bearly" high school students performed to a packed house inside at AfterWords Cafe Sunday afternoon June 15. This normally electric band, unplugged, huddled up and rocked out for two hours. Playing some wonderful original music as well as their take on covering some popular songs by the Who, Dylan, and others. They acted as if playing accoustic was something they do all the time. Great banter with wonderful vocals, their talent will indeed get better, but it is good now.

This band is a must see when they come to your area and from what we hear they will be busy every weekend for months out. See them again on July 12 on the deck at AfterWords. They've talked us into allowing drums but we're holding the line on light accoustic especially since these guys excell at it. They are now featured on the AfterWords Entertainment Network with CDs available for sale. This is a group to watch and they should be around for a least a year or more as some of the guys still need to finish high school. Mothers watch your dauthers!

- Afterwords Newsletter


CD Titled: (CRAZY)- 1.) Falling Apart, 2.)Crazy, 3.)Take Me Home, 4.)One Last Time, 5.)Madalay, 6.)Letting Go, 7.)Hell To Pay, 8.)Say It Like You Mean It. 9.) Down To Georgia



Don't let Teen Band fool you into thinking there is nothing serious about these guys or their music!
This is one Teen Band that writes and performs originals and just keeps putting out one hit after another. This is exactly what has turned the heads of some industry people lately.
Influenced by the the classic rock era, back to the Beatles, and up again to the 70's rock stars such as Bob Dylan, The Eagles and The Who. Each band member brings their own unique style to the grinding stone to display some awesome, wildly acclaimed original music. Overbearing doesn't want to sound like anyone, so reached deep inside to bring something original to the table each time they sat down to write. This is the most dedicated, hard working teen group seen today.
Tyler, who has just turned 14 years old, is lead vocals and drummer, Ryan, his brother, is 16 and is lead guitar, then we have Tom, age 16, Plays the Bass Guitar, and, is mozart's best imitator on those keys!