OVERCOME. More Fun to come with OVERCOME. Terry Hartness, the golden voice, Kermit Schreiber’s, lightening guitar licks, Marques Stella the brazen, rapid bass player and Boomer "The Fastest Foot in the West". The whole band can do a back flip on a dime!



Guitar Player Kermit Schreiber, shreds a 1972 Fender Strat, which he can pick hundred licks in a matter of seconds. Terry Hartness, Lead Vocalist, soaring rock energy, filled with “Can’t take my eyes off of him” soulful and bluesy showmanship. Mark Stella, Rock Bass "a brazen, rapid power player who makes you believe you can feel the steel". Boomer an enthusiastic extreme drummer mastering cant sit down straight-ahead rock, named "The Fasted Foot in the West".

Guitarist Schrieber, the driving force behind the creativity and direction of the music. Plunging into a historical library of around fifty original melodies written by Schrieber, he has found his match in Lead Vocalist, Hartness with his lyrical writing ability. You can be rest assured you are only experiencing the beginning of something unstoppable… More work is yet to be done, creating more music, performing live shows and generating an ever-growing fan base.


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