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Chance, Faith, and Destiny are said to be keystones in the creation of most things small and great. Sometimes the elements combine to form a movement, a belief, or a new sound. When forged as one the elements become the underlying heartbeat of a hip hop group known as Overdoze. Made up of a producer and three dynamic lyricists, Overdoze has been on a fast paced journey.
Carrying with it a roller coaster of experiences and emotional sounds that describe setbacks and triumphs, creativity and originality, Overdoze is a movement that combines overtures of life and a “bulldozing” of mediocrity, hence Overdoze. Their dedication to each other and the spirit of hip hop is only rivaled by their endless hope for humanity to embrace cultural differences and turn that cacophony into symphony, through its own rap, sound, and song.
Passing conversation was the first keystone of success for Overdoze. The start of the group began by chance from a verbal exchange between two strangers that just so happened to work in the same building. The group’s producer, Marco Rivera was mentioning to a security guard during a break that he was producing a hip hop sound and was looking for new talent. After a few moments of dialogue the two realized they both had the same dream and the same passion for hip hop music. This stranger then became the first official member of Overdoze, Marcus Wingo, a.k.a. “Wingo” and started recording tracks at Marco’s studio the very next weekend.
Having an infectuous faith is the second keystone in the success of this group. Through timing, execution, and a Latin sound Julio Rivera, a.k.a. J.O. is known in the group as having a passion for lyrics that move the masses. Moving is his specialty, on stage and in life. Having come from a large family, his faith in an older brother’s vision has kept him committed to the group through some rough times.
Faith brought him to bring his talent on stage with fellow freestyler Jacoby Johnson, a.k.a Dawg, and Dawg’s friend mentioned earlier, Marcus Wingo, who has a velvet sound all his own. They performed together one night for the first time not knowing the outcome or the risk they would all take in their burgeoning careers. By faith they raged, rapped, and risked it all during their first performance ever.
The final keystone of destiny is found in reflection, of memories of what was and what can be.With the four members of Overdoze in place, Marco, Wingo, J.O, and Dawg, the ganas de quatro then began working on their music, developing a new sound in hip-hop and their relationship with each other. Overdoze is more than just a group or a sound. It is a movement, a belief, a sound, and a family. The courage of four men has manifested a style and personality that is a fresh face on the scene.
United in their goals to take hip hop music to a whole different plane they rap, sing, and dance to solidify a cultural mix in a gendre of music less traveled and more revealing with each insatiable address at the microphone. Overdoze is dedicated to the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere and is destined for the pinnacles of success through an unwavering drive, a never-say-die attitude, and a continued verbal expression of life’s ironies, insight, and influence. Overdoze is destined for 21st Century notoriety, fame, and accomplishment.