Staten Island, New York, USA
BandAmericanaClassic Rock

It's music you havent heard in years. Good ol' fashioned rock n' roll.


Overgrown formed in July 2009, and has been writing and performing since. Creating music the way they envision it, with no restrictions on what's too hard, too soft, too fast or too slow, their music ranges from Skynyrd style whiskey rock n' roll, to slow and soulful Rolling Stones or Allman Bros type acoustics.

Looking to get out on the road, and stay there.



Written By: Overgrown

i wrote you a letter just to tell you that i love you
wrote you this song so i would never let you go
im leaving here on a greyhound tomorrow
bound for the border, i guess i got to go

too many times i spent my life looking for another reason just to hold on tight
too many reasons, now my life's in chaos
i cant think of a way to let you go

just to let you go...

'til i saw your face today
behind an old photograph that i put away
now im living in the past dont think im ever going back
but im too scared to ever tell you that


Written By: Overgrown

ITS BEEN a long long day, and as i watch it fade away
i know the sun will shine and it gives me piece of mind
and as the clouds roll in just to free me from my sin
so i can wake the day and rise

and as i look upon your face, i know that nothing will erase
all those memories just like the wind through the trees
it will always be

and some would say how we faded away and it all just couldnt last
it was all meant for the past

but you and i know that no matter where we go
there will always come a day when you think of me and say...
as the sun shines down from the heavens to the ground
i will always look around and youre spirit will be found
and as each day turns we will think of what we learned
and as that breeze passes by you know we all got to die sometime


Written By: Overgrown

Well she was feeling so low until i came along
and now she rides so high just singing my little love song
well her love is so good, yeah so sweet
i said it knocks you off your feet
and her touch
oh lord her touch
its almost too much for...

i wanna take that ride
im gonna get you high
i said its never wrong when its always right

all eyes on my rider
she gets you so high, shes my rider

well i sweet talked that woman right into my arms
but its a long time comin, and i know
she could not resist my charm
oh lord, oh lord
what i say you better believe it
cause its real and you know its real
and i know its real

im wanna take that ride, gonna get you high
you know its never wrong when its always right

all eyes on my rider
she gets you so high, shes my rider
all eyes, all eyes, all eyes
she gets you
so high, so high, so high

Lets Get High

Written By: Overgrown

lets get high - overgrown

you want to get high with me...
lets get high, and dont ever come down
if you want to be low sometimes
darling, lets see how low you can go
you know you spin me 'round
turn my world upside down
you say you love me....
but you must be out of your mind

and god gave me you
it seems so long ago and far away

and god gave me you
it seems so long ago and far away
and i thank god for you
each and every day


Overgrown EP - released 12/2010

Set List

Overgrown can perform a solid 7 - 10 song set, of original rock n roll music that will capture the audience's attention with the first note and keep them watching and grooving until the last.

They will also perform a full night's worth of music ranging from your favorite classic rock tunes, to some of today's best rock, and even some disco / dance tracks (upon request).