Detroit, Michigan, USA

Overheadspace is burning a hole in the rock and roll couch with a heavy metal cigarette. Unsupervised and unruly, the ancient adolescent runs rampant in the living room of popular music, leaving stains on the antiquated carpet with it's black leather boots.


Detroit is a gloomy place these days.
With the economic pressure squeezing the working class, home foreclosures and crime are sky high. The bleak outlook has infected the music of Detroit's rock scene, seeping into the collective consciousness of the artists who have traded scarce factory jobs for late-night street buzz.

On their first CD - BEYOND THE SCOPE OF DAYS, Overheadspace follows their raw musical instincts into a dark urban landscape of philosophy-driven rock song craft. Derric Miller (Hard Rock Haven online magazine) said "They obviously have a penchant for writing compelling and interesting music that is heady, philosophical, and artistic without being "artsy."

Produced by local legend Tom Rice (Leslie West) and mastered by Jeffrey Campo (Kid Rock, ICP, Ted Nugent), the album blends classic rock influence with heavy metal riffing while sticking to some classic tenets of the genre like headbang-worthy anthems and a razor-fuzz guitar sound that recalls the days of early heavy metal. "If you like your music with an edge and without borders, this is for you." (Rock and a Hard Place online magazine)

The group's song "Horsehead" was recently featured on InsomniaRadio.net's Detroit podcast, and was selected to be on the Underground Sounds compilation CD released in 2009 by Guerrilla Records (NY). The band also gained official sponsorship from the cutting edge anti-fashion company Ed Stone Clothing. Pictures of the group for edstone-usa.com were taken by fashion photographer Craig McKenzie (mckenziebrosphotography.com).

Overheadspace recently performed at the 2008 DIRTFEST (www.dirtfest.com), a massive outdoor event that highlights extreme heavy metal and has been compared to Hellfest and the Warped Tour. The band has been continuously playing live shows in the midwest since it's inception, including a recent showcase in Three Rivers, MI that saw a wrestling ring converted into a main stage.

Music critics have called Overheadspace "Neo-classic rock metal" (Josh Grenkowitz),"musician-philosophers" (Derric Miller), "Heavy Detroit guitar rock" (Les Zaldor, InsomniaRadio.net), and "Heavy metal, straight-up" (Metalcorefanzine). Everyone seems to have their own name for the unique vision of melding rock, metal and brains, but the attention has all been positive, with one writer calling Overheadspace "The band that lets metal heads like straight ahead rock and roll."

Email: rik@overheadspace.com


Use Yourself Wisely

Written By: Overheadspace/R Wambaugh

Wake up dressed in chains
Never time for change
Just a circumstance
Never random chance

Routine is getting old
You feel it in your bones
Everything I’ve known
Made me feel alone

What was that you said to me
“Gotta die if you want to be free”
Man, I feel like I’m the only one

There’s no compromise
I don’t want your lies
Violate with the voice
Not a matter of choice


Nothing left to learn
No cause for concern
So obsessed with God
But you won’t say it out loud



Written By: Overheadspace/R Wambaugh

Feel kinda low from some things I done
Like when a chill sets in
Sleeping alone with somebody else
Like half my soul is a ghost

Our best laid plans fall through
Nothing to lose
Believe it when I say
That feeling won’t go away

My mind is making me feel insecure
Won’t let me off of the hook
My remorse is another word
For nothing to lose

Our best laid plans fall through
Nothing to lose
Believe it when I say
That feeling won’t go away


Written By: Overheadspace/R Wambaugh

I wanna meet you, I wanna beat you
I wanna tease you, I wanna be you
All I want is a place to sleep
Drugs to smoke and some food to eat

I want some freedom, I wanna be dumb
I want to be a red - blooded Americunt
Empty hearts of materialism
Fucking for money on the television

I knew right away
About being alone
I killed the horse you rode

I wanna lose weight, I wanna feel great
I want my music to tell me what I hate
Your look is such a crime
When you glorify your body you crucify mine

I wanna live right, I want the whitest whites
I want a young wife, I wanna love life
It’s the grandest contradiction
Living for love in a material prison

I knew right away
About being alone
I killed the horse you rode

When do one and one make three
When you make up the rules and tell ‘em to me
I can’t speak, I can’t breathe
Rich American poverty


Written By: Overheadspace/R Wambaugh

I’ve abandoned the magic
That brought me no stars
I’ve torn the bandage
That concealed my scars

I waited so long
To set things right

You built me up
Now you’re tearing me down
Fistful of worries
Impossible crown

Sleeping tight
Underneath your stalactite

Now that the pieces fall apart
You see into my heart
We long to be swept away

Your love is a darkness
In which I was lost
I can’t untangle
All the lines that I crossed

I waited so long
To see the light

You made me believe
In the shadows of things
A castle of lies
And I was the king

Sleeping tight
Underneath your stalactite

So where have you been
For all of this time
Getting left behind

And when the pieces fall apart
You see right through my heart
In this darkened age



BEYOND THE SCOPE OF DAYS (LP - Iron Lion Records 2007)
Produced by Tom Rice and Overheadspace, Mastered by Jeffrey Campo
Available on iTunes and at cdbaby.com/overheadspace

UNDERGROUND SOUNDS 2009 - COMPILATION CD (Guerilla Records/Ed Stone USA 2009)
Featured Artist: Track 10 - Horsehead

Set List

Typical set list is 45 - 60 minutes and consists of mostly material from the first full length album. New material is worked in regularly (songs for record #2 are in progress) and typically does not include cover songs.