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Detroit, Michigan, United States

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Band Rock Metal


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"Album Review - Rock and a Hard Place"

I can't remember having this hard of a time describing a band in ages. "Overheadspace" doesn't have one sound that you can categorize. The guitars are edgy and sometimes quite Metal in nature. At times I think of "The Smithereens", another band I could never quite categorize. But like The Smithereens, I enjoy what Overheadspace is doing, so maybe it's just best for me to shutup and appreciate the music.

I can say this, if you like Rock of any genre, you're going to find something here to like. They lean towards a more alternative sound with some traces of Stoner Rock. The vocals are quite diverse, sometimes they're quite laid back but on tracks like "Last Man Alive" they use a more "metal" delivery, then on "Americunt" they venture into the "punk" genre...
All in all you can't really say they have a style other than creative and unique.

The lyrics are very interesting and insightful, they're certainly a band with something to say. I'm not going to pretend to understand everything nor will I sit here and try to interpret everything, I would venture to say that's up to each individual who listens to the music.

In conclusion I can say this, if you're looking for something unique and interesting this is for you. If you like your music with an edge and without boundaries, this is for you.

Torch - rockhardplace.com
- Rockhardplace.com

"Overheadspace: Local Artist on the Rise"

By Katie Altman
"Local band Overheadspace released their first CD at the Shelter in Detroit on September 22nd. Band members and brothers Rik and Joe Wambaugh created the band in 2005 after adding bass player Nuke. Their initial material resulted in a 5 song demo EP, Working Class.
The structure of Overheadspace's work ethic was set in place early on. As their music grew in maturity and scope, the relationships between the members solidified and a dedicated, tightly-knit band took shape. They started collecting songs and set to work on creating their first album..." - Cougar Tracks, Garden City MI 10-5-07

"Insomnia Radio Detroit Podcast"

"Rock your socks off, interesting, good sound! Check them out."
- Les Zaldor, Insomnia Radio's Detroit podcast #17 - InsomniaRadio.net

"Overheadspace - Making the Old New Again"

"Listening to Overheadspace, one hears the influence of several diverse powers from the rock pantheon; The pounding groove of Queens of the Stone Age, the structural variety of early Rush, the raw power of Danzig, the energetic simplicity of Bon Scott-era AC/DC, and the modern retro-sensibilities of bands like Wolfmother and The Black Keys. All the while, they keep true to mostly a heavy metal sensibility, making them sound like the band that makes it okay for metal heads to like straight ahead rock and roll."
- Review from Live4Live Music Blog, Written by Independent Music Critic Josh Grenkowitz (JoshGrenkowitz@gmail.com) - Live4Live Blog

"CD Review - Hard Rock Haven"

Comments: Three Lions fans from Detroit decided to put their thoughtful heads together and create a band called Overheadspace, playing music that is heady, philosophical, and artistic without being "artsy." And why the conclusion that they are Lions fans? Well, they also formed an independent label called Iron Lion Records to release their music on, and the debut is called Beyond the Scope of Days.

Overheadspace is the brothers Rik (vocals, drums) and Joe Wambaugh (guitar, vocals) along with their friend Nuke (bass). They actually brought in some industry names with Jeffrey Campo mastering Beyond the Scope of Days.

The CD begins with a catchy, chunky riff on "Use Yourself Wisely." While the riff is wicked, the vocals are earthy and strained, with very little room for growth. This is the main crux of the entire CD -- cool music, strong lyrics, interesting compositions, and vocals that can't keep up the pace. Nuke on bass pulls the blow with deft and churning rhythms, but the yelling vocals sound a bit like Dave Grohl if he had no melody.

They do much better when they downtune the vocals, like their guitars, such as the song "Horsehead." You'll hear a bit of Queens of the Stone Age in the quirky guitar leads and pounding rhythms. There is something groovy and hippy-ish to this song that will make you go back to it again and again. Clearly one of the best songs on Beyond the Scope of Days.

There are a myriad of songs dissecting America right now, and Overheadspace jumps in with a punk-influenced rocker called "Americunt." When you hear lines like, "I wanna lose weight, I wanna feel great. I want my music to tell me what I hate," you'll get a chuckle or 12. The song cranks to reckless abandon at the end and although weird as hell, it's another strong entry to the CD.

Although most of the CD is somewhat devoid of melody and leans towards emotionless notes, they tone it down and offer an acoustic and honest composition with "Everything is Happening." It may take you a few times to wrap your noggin around the song, but when you hit the lines, "I'll go on living, believing every day, I'm one step closer to the time you go away," you'll understand it's not a love song. The track turns electric at the solo, the chorus changes keys, and it's about as close to a "hit" as Overheadspace probably ever wants to pen.

Another song as chaotic as Queens of the Stone age is "God Help Us," one of the heaviest and most rabid songs on the CD. While the riff pulls you in with its massive metalness, the lyrics are the highlight again, with visions like, "Panties around her knees, scratching bites from foreign fleas. Bombs on the breeze; air so hot we're going to freeze." Wambaugh delivers with vocals akin to a range-less Danzig, and the yells grate and bring the song down.

Overheadspace fancy themselves musician-philosophers in some ways, as you'll understand when you hit the closing song, a three-part track called "Bandtron." Part I is "Last Man Alive," Part II "Anatomy of Isolation" and Part III "Biomechanicalchemical Love." While some of the lyrics lean towards being way too earnest, you can't argue with the cutting "In technology we trust. Cry at the world you made. Your gods are greedy slaves with the power to buy but not to save." Cool.

Beyond the Scope of Days is good, but they need to increase the vocal prowess if they want to improve the band. They obviously have a penchant for writing compelling and interesting music, but they'd be exponentially better if the vocals didn't get in the way.
-Derric Miller
Hardrockhaven.net - Hardrockhaven.net

"Amazing Show"

"Thanks for the amazing show yesterday! You guys were an honor to work with and I look forward to doing it again! Thanks for everything!"
- Jen, Owner/Operator: Wake the Dead Productions
(Three Rivers, MI) - Wake the Dead Productions

"Overheadspace: Doing Things Their Way"

Exceprt from CD Review:
"I am glad this band is doing things their way and can be proud to hold up their leather spikes... Heavy metal, straight up!"
-Chris Forbes, MetalCoreFanzine.com - Metal Core Fanzine


BEYOND THE SCOPE OF DAYS (LP - Iron Lion Records 2007)
Produced by Tom Rice and Overheadspace, Mastered by Jeffrey Campo
Available on iTunes and at cdbaby.com/overheadspace

UNDERGROUND SOUNDS 2009 - COMPILATION CD (Guerilla Records/Ed Stone USA 2009)
Featured Artist: Track 10 - Horsehead



Detroit is a gloomy place these days.
With the economic pressure squeezing the working class, home foreclosures and crime are sky high. The bleak outlook has infected the music of Detroit's rock scene, seeping into the collective consciousness of the artists who have traded scarce factory jobs for late-night street buzz.

On their first CD - BEYOND THE SCOPE OF DAYS, Overheadspace follows their raw musical instincts into a dark urban landscape of philosophy-driven rock song craft. Derric Miller (Hard Rock Haven online magazine) said "They obviously have a penchant for writing compelling and interesting music that is heady, philosophical, and artistic without being "artsy."

Produced by local legend Tom Rice (Leslie West) and mastered by Jeffrey Campo (Kid Rock, ICP, Ted Nugent), the album blends classic rock influence with heavy metal riffing while sticking to some classic tenets of the genre like headbang-worthy anthems and a razor-fuzz guitar sound that recalls the days of early heavy metal. "If you like your music with an edge and without borders, this is for you." (Rock and a Hard Place online magazine)

The group's song "Horsehead" was recently featured on InsomniaRadio.net's Detroit podcast, and was selected to be on the Underground Sounds compilation CD released in 2009 by Guerrilla Records (NY). The band also gained official sponsorship from the cutting edge anti-fashion company Ed Stone Clothing. Pictures of the group for edstone-usa.com were taken by fashion photographer Craig McKenzie (mckenziebrosphotography.com).

Overheadspace recently performed at the 2008 DIRTFEST (www.dirtfest.com), a massive outdoor event that highlights extreme heavy metal and has been compared to Hellfest and the Warped Tour. The band has been continuously playing live shows in the midwest since it's inception, including a recent showcase in Three Rivers, MI that saw a wrestling ring converted into a main stage.

Music critics have called Overheadspace "Neo-classic rock metal" (Josh Grenkowitz),"musician-philosophers" (Derric Miller), "Heavy Detroit guitar rock" (Les Zaldor, InsomniaRadio.net), and "Heavy metal, straight-up" (Metalcorefanzine). Everyone seems to have their own name for the unique vision of melding rock, metal and brains, but the attention has all been positive, with one writer calling Overheadspace "The band that lets metal heads like straight ahead rock and roll."

Email: rik@overheadspace.com