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"Editorial Review"

This album is the first independent release from Overise. Recorded from January 2004 to February 2005, this album was a long process that has finally paid off for the band. The long production process was certainly "A Long Story" that many will want to read more about after listening to this CD for the first time. For those who have yet to hear this band or those who have yet to pick up this CD, do so if you enjoy cathy alternative/rock music. You certainly won't be disappointed. - Amazon.com

"Editoral Review"

Sometimes interesting things can happen when you least expect them to. You find some money on the ground, that girl you have your number to at the bar finally calls you, you get a promotion, or anything else along those lines. We colloquially call such occurrences "luck." Now, many people don't believe in the concept of "luck," but that's not really the point. The point, dear reader, is how good things can come at surprising times. You see, during July of 2005, I attended a Love Of Linda benefit concert near my hometown. The Love Of Linda Foundation is a local (to New Jersey) non-profit organization, benefitting cancer research. Every summer, they host a concert featuring up-and-coming punk acts, as well as other local rock-oriented bands. Last summer, said concert was being headlined by The Army of Freshmen. However, the concert featured a very interesting opening act: a Philadelphian band that went by the name of Overise. Prior to the concert, I had purchased their debut EP A Long Story, so I could get a feel for what I was to expect. When I first popped the CD into my stereo and pressed "play," I was pleasantly surprised.

A Long Story is fairly typical pop-punk. You won't find any real innovation or groundbreaking metamorphoses here. However, what you will find is straightforward, no-nonsense music, that's quite appealing on the ol' ear drums. The EP's five songs ooze melody. From the well-structured (albeit relatively simple) instrumentation, to the smooth vocals, to the addictively catchy lyrics, A Long Story is pop-punk done right. The entire album seems to flow perfectly, with a very laidback attitude. You won't hear any loud, angst-ridden tracks on A Long Story. The EP is rather relaxing and genial. Overise are well suited for this type of music, thus producing a very serene mood over the album. Overise were lucky enough to have 2-Time Grammy Award winner, Michael Tarsia serve as chief engineer in the mixing and mastering process for the disc. Tarsia has worked with various award-winning platinum artists such as David Bowie, Vanessa Williams, Patty Labelle, and Dru Hill.

The EP starts with the slow and steady "Outside." The soft intro leads into a fun, hooky song, complete with sing-a-long lyrics. "It's All Over" is probably the heaviest track on the album. Fantastic guitar-work, combined with fantastic vocals make it an excellent song. The only real drawback is the chorus' annoying bit of repetition. "My Mistake" is fairly similar to "Outside" in a couple of departments. One of the most prominent of these being that it's a great song. Overise made brilliant selections with A Long Story's track list. "My Mistake" makes the mix perfect, by complimenting the slightly harder "It's All Over" perfectly. A Long Story's best moment would be its acoustical moment, in the form of the song "Heaven." The beautiful intro winds into marvelous vocals. The lyrics are also top-notch; the best on the album. "Heaven" is the best showcasing of Overise's bounding potential. A Long Story ends on a sensational note, with the lulling "Part Time Crush." From the superb piano introduction, to the well-written, emotive lyrics, "Part Time Crush" shows that Overise couldn't have chosen a better way to end their debut.

Like I mentioned before, A Long Story is hardly a pioneering album for the genre. For what it is, though, it's a fantastic EP. I for one, can�t wait to see what the band releases next. Unfortunately, I may have a while to wait, as Overise find themselves without a drummer (founding drummer Kevin Kurtz recently quit the band due to academic obligations), and Mark Bolger (due to personal reasons). A Long Story is a fine example of Overise's potential. Who knows? These guys may even take over the pop world one day. If that happens, I might at least get to make a good story out of how I played a little guitar with them before that concert. Unfortunately, memories don't sell too well on eBay.

*Interestingly enough, I recently received a message from Overise via myspace. They've apparently recruited a new drummer (Steve Rutt), and a new guitarist (Kris Szupa) and are back in business. - Dan Kisielewski of Sputnikmusic - Your Music Reviews (www.sputnikmusic.com/)

"Overise Plays Wolves' Den"

Overise performed in the Wolves' Den this past friday, October 6, 2006. The band played a set that lasted about an hour. Front man, Joey De Noble, encouraged the crowd to clap along to songs while he danced about the stage in a familiarly flamboyant manner. The band played neatly and with an air of confidence that may bring them fame in the next few years.

Overise formed a few years ago at West Chester University, where they now study. Unlike most bands that have reached this level of fame, everyone in Overise still attends school, an impressive and admirable feat. Their EP, "A Long Story," debuted in February 2005. The disc sounds wonderful, which one can attribute to Michael Tarsia, who has worked with artists such as David Bowie in the past. Of the five songs that appear on the EP, "Outside" has the most hope to reach single status in the near future.


-October 12, 2006
The Aquinas, U. Of Scranton's school newspaper - Matthew Vita, Arts & Life Editor


-"Song for You" and "True" recording 2008
-"A Long Story" EP - 2006
-"Drive-Thru Records/Purevolume Compilation"
-"Danimal Record's Warped Tour Sampler"
-"2004 Skate and Surf Compilation: Under the Boardwalk"



There are moments that make or break a band, and ones that ultimately define them. These moments are a test of determination, drive, and strength. It should come as no surprise that this band embodies what the city of Philadelphia stands for: hard work and dedication. The sound of Overise is led by their unique, alternative rock music and profound, emotional vocals that when blended together, form a sound that is one of a kind. With a live show that is full of intense energy and passion, Overise shows you how special they really are.

Singer/Songwriter, and guitarist Joey De Noble, fuels the music of the band. Growing up in a musical family, along side of his father Tommy De Noble (American Bandstand), De Noble is a natural born talent. His vocals are a perfect combination of sweetness and power. In his senior year of highschool, De Noble started Overise with some of his good friends. As only an acoustic act in the beginning, they were able to make a strong impression on their local music scene. After high school De Noble decided to continue Overise and brought his music with him to college at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. Once settled in, De Noble found new members to form the full band.

Overise has already shown how much devotion they have for their music with what they have accomplished in such a short amount of time. For only existing as a full band for nearly four years, Overise has managed to play more then 500 shows and opened for some impressive bands such as: Better than Ezra, Something Corporate, The Starting Line, Pete Francis (Dispatch), Familiar 48, Valencia, Gatsby's American Dream, Peppers Ghost, Omnisoul, Days Away, Army of Freshmen, Socratic, This Day & Age, The Underwater, IKE, QuietDrive, City Sleeps, and played such events with Panic At The Disco, The Roots and Lionel Richie.

Overise recorded a five-song debut demo EP entitled, A Long Story in early 2005, which they independently released on their own. A Long Story was engineered and recorded by Walt Mecleary of Ground Hog Studios (Holland, PA). The band was lucky enough to have caught the interest of 2-Time Grammy Award Winner, Michael Tarsia who served as chief engineer in the mixing and mastering process for the disc. Tarsia has worked with various award-winning platinum artists such as David Bowie, Vanessa Williams, Patty Labelle, and Dru Hill.

In addition to their EP, Overise has appeared on the 2004 Skate and Surf Compilation: Under the Boardwalk with "The Plain White T's" , and Danimal Record's Warped Tour Sampler CD with Drive Thru Record's own "Halifax" in the summer of 2006. Overise also is featured on the Drive Thru Records/PureVolume.com compilation, Bands You Love, Have Heard Of, And Should Know with the song "Outside". This compilation also features bands: Fall Out Boy, Jack's Mannequin, The Format, and lots more! This CD can be purchased at the band's shows and at Drive-Thru Records website.

A Long Story is now available for purchase at ITUNES! This CD is currently out of print.

BOOKING: Please contact us at overiseband@yahoo.com

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