We are a Christian Hard rock band with an evangelical message of hope. Our sound is somewhat similar to Creed, Nickelback, Kutless, etc. We are trying to reach the lost and those that need hope by speaking to where many are at, and giving them hope for their situation.


OverKast: "To over cloud, darken, or make gloomy: Ominous clouds began to overcast the sky"

This is how we feel not only just in life but many times in our Christian walk; some days it may seem like all hope is lost and maybe we should not even get out of bed. Even just living can be a hard thing as a believer. The clouds do roll in and things can get dark.

The goal and passion set out for this band is to be a light in the dark places of life. We are here only to show the light and love of Christ. The Lord has called us to live a life above reproach and to tell all the world his message of good news until all have heard. The idea and vision of OverKast was placed in Rob's heart and mind in late 2006. Chris was led to the project shortly after the 1st ad was placed looking for musicians. Keith stepped down as a pastor soon after that to play guitars. After an exhausting search Pete was found living 2 hours away, he joined up and learned fast. Finally after a couple changes Mike was brought in around March of 2007 to complete the ministry you hear now. We are in this only to change people's eternities and give strength to the faith of those already serving him. Only Christ's glory can bring forgiveness and peace unending, we have found that and our desire is to show nothing more than what it is that is promised to all.

It was once said that Passion breeds followers, who better of an example than one of our own, Jesus Christ. We will only bow to one king now and it is that king that will guide the words and future of this music! We are all in this together as one. We believe that no matter how dark things may seem, or how much money or popularity you may not have, no matter how different you may be, or how far down you may seem, Hope Always Remains!
In his light, OverKast

Romans 15:13 (Band Verse)
(May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit)


Hope Remains Demos
All of our tracks are on our website and numerous Internet radio stations have given us airplay/

Set List

Our typical set is around 45 minutes to one hour.
Our songs are: Believe, Break the Walls, Rize, Hope Remains, Want You to Know, Life Forever, To Live For, Home, Engraved, As One, Complete, and Not Walking Alone.