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"HHH Magazine"

I really like this group they are hot & refreshing. - Chris Walker

"Don't be scurred! Overkill plays a benefit this weekend"

If you only enjoy the safe confines of conscious rap -- the kind that helps sell cologne and booze -- then you're missing out on some quality head-bobbing, cognac-sipping experiences. Of course, that brand of too-real rap scares the crap out of my nancy ass.Venturing out to the West Bottoms to see dudes rapping about getting head is too hood for me, so I have to settle for the video by Chris Williamson.
Thanks for alerting us to the video, TKC! It reminds me: Overkill, one of the best acts in that video, performs Saturday at the First Annual KKFI Benefit Concert, also featuring James Christos, Joe Cool Xta-C, Swass Blasty, Royce Diamonds, and R&B-reggae act VG. Half the proceeds go to the radio station, which is still going strong despite what you may hear to the contrary.
- Pitch Weekly

"Hyphy Rock Star Artist: O.v.e.r.K.i.l.l."

Artist / Group Website:
Where is the artist located: Kansas City, MO
How did you get started with your music?
Joe: Yeah man, I been rhyming for a while man, you know. Since I heard L.L. I’m bad it’s been a wrap ever since.
Bucc$: I haven’t been rhyming that long. And I got into it on a dare and it was something I liked so I kept doing it.
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: From listening to music and finding an interest to want to do it myself.
What are you currently working on?
Joe: Working on that O.v.e.rK.i.l.l.album man, untitled. We don’t know what it’s gone be yet. That’s what I’m working on.
What kind of music do you listen to and how does it influence your music?
Bucc$: It’ll probably really amaze people but I’m the only rapper that don’t listen to rap. I uh…what music do I listen to… I listen to 70’s soul music. It’s good for the soul.
Joe: That’s whats up. I listen to rap, hip hop, Brand Nubian, B.I.G, Jay, Whodini, all that.
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: I listen to rap, hip-hop, pop, R&B, soul, blues, jazz, gospel, reggae, oldies, rock, alternative rock, and some country.. I think music is universal, and I can hear something in all genres that move me in some way or another. I’m influenced mostly by words and creativity. I’m influenced by people who do things from the heart, and those that try and create their own path and not follow what’s necessarily the “in” thing. Finding who you are and remaining solid.
What’s your opinion on mainstream music today?
Joe: (Clears throat) That’s a touchy subject man. It is what it is though man, you know. People out there getting’ they money, who am I to tell em’ that they don’t have to be lyrical or nice to get they money. You know…if you wanna snap, and you know…dance and all that, that that’s fine get your money man. It is what it is right now.
Bucc$: Personally I came for the money, so it really doesn’t make me any difference. But whatever is good to you is good I guess. I really don’t care.
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: Some of it I like some of it I don’t
Who do you admire?
Joe: My Momz R.I.P.
Bucc$: I admire um Joe Black and A.M.N.E.Z.I.A. Which is one of the reasons I accepted the proposition to be a part of this. I admire anybody who is actually believing in what they do and doing it with all their heart
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: I admire my wife and kids. They help keep me grounded.
Why would people want to listen to your music over someone else’s?
Bucc$: Because it’s better. I mean…point blank. I mean…the object when you listen to music is to listen to good music. Why wouldn’t you listen to O.v.e.r.K.i.l.l., it’s good music.
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: I would rather let those that would rather hear me over someone else tell you.
Who have you worked with and how have they affected your work?
Joe: As a group we work with talented emcees out the local Kansas City area. My man Below, Lion Heart, Frame, talented talented emcees man. And they…they…make our project better every time they step on the mic.
Bucc$: I mean aside from those people that he mentioned, we’ve worked with other artist, other up and coming artist, Nesto, Legion, S.H.A..D.O.W., we worked with a lot , a lot, people man, I mean you know.
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: Mostly local artist. Since we seem to be a “city divided”, it makes me want to try and change that by branching out and see who’s willing to take that first step in that label to shame.
What is your local music scene like?
Bucc$: Being from Kansas City we are very very West Coast influenced. Which it’s nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with that at all. I mean it is what it is, but the smaller pockets of you know…more lyrical people sometimes get overlooked, because they are smaller pockets. But right now the local scene is really…it’s poppin’ right now. Cats is coming out to shows. Summertime is when cats is really getting their summertime projects prepared. It’s poppin’ right now.
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: I think it could be a lot better people seem really territorial as far as putting K.C. on the map. But we seem to be stuck on this treadmill.
What suggestions do you have for other artists in the music industry?
Joe: Man work hard, keep pushing your project man, you gotta get on that grind. There are some artist that are fortunate enough to have it given to them, but you know, most of us have to grind and take it man. So you gotta lock your city down first man and then expand. Shout out to Rademez, man he’s grinding, you gotta grind. O.v.e.r.K.i.l.l. is grinding.
Bucc$: If I had any advice for anybody, it would probably be; before you even step in the booth, before you even put…you know pen on paper, just believe in whatever it is…in the message you are trying to convey. Just believe in it. And if you believe in it, then that will come across in your music and you will get other people to believe in it also, which is the ultimate goal.
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: Be yourself. And if you want it bad enough, plan B won’t be an option.
Where do you see yourself in a year from now?
Joe: Rich
Bucc$: Uhh I don’t know..I mean you know. Yeah I’ll say the same this will prove to be very lucrative for us and all of your families. Hopefully I see myself a little bit more financially stable from this music in a year.
A.M.N.E.Z.I.A.: Closer to God.
Any additional information you would like us to know?
Joe: I think Bucc$ is the greatest emcee in the game right now. On some real…he over here laughing. Bucc$ is nice man. A.M.N.E.Z.I.A. is a beast man, his flow is just out of control man. I’m learning a lot everyday from these dudes man. You know what I mean, they teaching me how to be an artist. Below is teaching me how to be an artist. O.v.e.r.K.i.l.l.. is the click man.
Bucc$: If there was anything else that I would like you to know, it would be that uh Joe Black smiles a lot. Cause he just happy to be here.
Oh yeah… my solo album Birth of a Legend will be in stores at the end of August. So look for that. Do me that…just do me that favor
What are your views about the HYPHY movement?
Bucc$: I like the HYPHY movement, to be honest with you. My thoughts on that is anything that can bring an entire community, entire state, you know part of a state or whatever, anything that can bring people together like that, I’m totally wit’ it. Anything that’s positive you know cats get out there they get to show off, they get to show their cars off, and just their overall swag just period, I’m wit it. I haven’t been exposed to as much of it as I may like but from what I’ve heard, I dig it I actually think it’s a great thing - Hyphy Rock Star


City on My Fitted - Single
How It Goes - Single
Shake It _ Single

Wackness Never Prospers - Album



"Overkill" (noun) An excess of something (as a quantity or an action) beyond what is required or suitable for a particular purpose. Or - Any effort that seems to go further than would be necessary to achieve it's goal.

That's what helps define this Kansas City, MO based Hip-Hop group.

A lyrical alliance has been formed which consists of four extremely gifted and talented artists. With advanced mindsets, they are catapulted by action that's set to reach a common goal that most would consider to be a dangerous combination. Although each of these members are solo artists, they saw blue skies and green lights that would later formulate the idea to unite sharp concepts and create something rare in harmony.

Joe Black aka Broadway Joe - born Joseph Black Williams, may have a similar sounding story than most artists, but his take on life distinguishes him from others. He had the benefit of hearing the true pioneers of the game on a daily basis. Relocating from Queens to the city of Kansas, he would meet several artists that shared the same appreciation for the art of lyricism, which in turn helped him release any limitations on himself, allowing more than just East Coast music to be inviting. Joe has featured on multiple mixtapes and has featured on a variety of artists projects. He has performed at places such as Mike's Tavern, Danny's Bar & Grill, Mission Theatre, The Newsroom and Club Kurruption. Being able to combine wordplay, style and a confidence, attention may be easily commanded. He can bombard verses in a "head first" fashion, talk to the ladies or paint a lucid picture of the inner city. Whether laid back or aggressive, he remains one of the most pure definitions of an Emcee.

Bucc$ - born Terrance M. Doyle, Jr. - was brought into a family rich in musical appreciation, and was all but pushed into a life of performing. As a child, his father, a one time saxophone player and rhythm & blues singer, exposed him to various genres of music raging from 70s rock to jazz. During this time is when the idea of being a Hip-Hop artist began to flourish. Having had the experience of being in other groups that wouldn't take off as planned because of creative differences, his eyes would continue searching for that silver lining. With that ambition, he would converge toward mastering his own craft. He has performed on multiple stages that would include The Hurricane, The Mission Theatre, Mike's Tavern, The Ice House, Kabal, The News Room, Danny's Bar & Grill, Kurruption, Cicero's, The Old Rock House & The Blue Bird in St. Louis. His hard punches make him one of the most elite to ever stand behind a mic. Though he may appear quiet - he is definitely one to be heard.

A.M.N.E.Z.I.A. - given name Tommy Syas, Jr., the oldest of four children and a Kansas City, MO native, was raised in a household filled with the sounds of R&B, Blues, Jazz, Soul and Gospel. That was just the beginning stage that would eventually adhere his desire to beats and lyrics that were shaping the direction of music. Easily put, he is able to come from any angle. He has performed at places such as Tremors, Granada, The Peanut, Hurricane, The Embassy (Club 4400), Danny's Bar & Grill, Kabal, The Newsroom, & has performed in Wichita KS for their Juneteenth event. If you are in search for some simplified music, you shouldn't depend on this particular artist to cater you with such an entree. The message is there. You just may have to listen twice to catch it.

Below - In 1981 the first month, 30th day, a star was born. The youngest of four children, Alfred Eugene Boyd, aka Below Zero, grew up in a loving household that was God fearing, artistic and full of music. His fathers love for music and his mothers artistic talents linked together to form this future star. Below began putting his thoughts into rhythmic patterns around 14 years of age. People would always refer to his lyrics as being cold. Hence the name. Below has perfomed at America's Pub, Riot Room, Mike's Tavern, Scion Lab, The Replay Lounge, Beaumont Club, Granada, Hurricane, Abe & Jakes, & Lucky's Brew Grille. An extremely creative and versatile emcee who specializes in storytelling with unique concepts and very diverse themes. What Below brings to the O.v.e.r.K.i.l.l. round table is absolutely essential.

As a group, they have performed at venues such as America's Pub, Club Kurruption, Mike's Tavern, Riot Room, Mission Theatre, Danny's Bar & Grill, The Newsroom, Scion Lab, & Club Spin (Indianapolis, IN). A list of their interviews would include 103.3 Underground Heat, the KKFI Show Me Mix Show, Goodbutta Radio, Hyphy Rockstar, Demencha Magazine, a slew of online magazine mentions, and on many occasions, several mentions in the Pitch Weekly.

In this state of unity, O.v.e.r.K.i.l.l. may be well on their way to unimaginable heights. Driven with purpose and direction, the platform is set to astound the ears and eyes of the public. With multiple proj