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It's an absolute pleasure to once again hear guitar riffs that will peel the paint from my walls and a vocalist that can wail like his nuts are caught in a vice. Overloaded is the hottest rock band I've heard all year and there's enough potential here for them to become the new kings of kick-your-ass rock where we've had little for years.

Maximum Metal

It's really weird how music labels mostly sign trash gay pop-rock bands and they ignore heavy new talented bands like Overloaded.

Grande Rock

What makes the ep stand out though is the fact that it manages to revel in old school metal influences, and still sound contemporary.

Bubblegum Slut

They still exist. Hardrock bands that play heavy metal. Overloaded is a real heavy metal band that make catchy songs that stick in your mind


these guys can have a successful career spewing out sleaze.

Sleaze Roxx

By now you'll know if you want to listen to Overloaded. It depends how much you enjoy the good bits of the loud, proud cocky rock scene. It depends whether you became a rock fan in the last few years, in which case, there is nothing for you here, except maybe revelation.

Moderate Rock

Wow! Amps auf 10, full distortion, die Felle bis zum Äußersten gespannt und ab geht die Post mit „Beaver fever“, dem Opener des Overloaded Debüts und gleichzeitig einem der besten Rockstücke der letzten Jahre.

Metal Glory

Lead throat Chris Gillen has a great set of lungs in the oldschool power-metal style, adding more than a touch of sleaze for flavour, and distancing himself from the lion's share of Detroit metal vocalists currently worshipping at the shrine of metalcore.
Rebel Extravaganza

The band proudly waves the flag of heavy metal and struts its stuff,


If you love the hard rock and melodic metal from bands like early Def Leppard, Dangerous Toys and Mötley Crüe then adding 'Overloaded' to your list is imperative!

Metal Centre

Het zal dan ook niet lang duren voordat deze band een platencontract vast heeft. Een goede song-writing, een sterke zanger en een professionele instelling; de band heeft alvast alles in huis om ver te komen!

Transit Mag

Terminamos con Heavy Metal Highway que por momentos me regresa quizás a los 70s , talvez el nombre me recuerda algo a Deep purple , mucha velocidad en guitarras , me imagino un video clip con autos a toda velocidad algo así como Kickstart my heart de Crue .algo así!...


Nel luglio scorso, a soli due mesi da questa seconda tiratura, il quintetto è ritornato in studio di registrazione per dare vita ad un nuovo EP, Hellfire, la cui uscita è imminente.

Heavy Metal Portal

Hellfire” offers 4 new tracks of kick ass rock 'n roll that will not only be lapped up by those who are already familiar with the band's music but are sure to consolidate the buzz these guys have been creating.

Rock Report

To back this worthy debut up, Overloaded quickly followed it up with a CD including four new tracks, which differ little from the album, 'Hellfire' and 'Heavy Metal Highway' the standout's, further confirimg the promise this band has to offer.

Glory Daze

Overloaded is a great band to rock out to or even to cheer up with. Their music is melodic and more modern than many of the "retro" bands but their influence is very evident

Metal Temple

I don't know why the American band Overloaded will not have an international breakthru. This debut has a wonderfull packaging, a great production (Morrissound Studio) and strong songs.

Mind View

Their music is jaw breaking hard rock in the vain of Skid Row and Spread Eagle . Vocalist Chris Gillen has the voice of multi-platinum singer Sebastian Bach and Ray West of Spread Eagle.

Rock Eyes

My, my,my…this is without a doubt the best indie release to come my way ever since I got back onboard the Rock Report ship some 6 years ago.

Rock Report

It's good to see that there's still good music coming from the States, that there are still bands playing true metal instead of going pop or nu-metal.

Thoughts of Metal

Une grande surprise, c'est sûrement les mots qui décrivent le mieux le résumé du premier disque du groupe Overloaded, "Hail the Kingdom". Pour décrire le son de cette formation américaine, de Detroit, nous pourrions dire qu'il s'agit d'un mélange de heavy metal, de hard rock et de rock'n'roll avec une sonorité à la fois des années 80, mais également très actuelle

Metal Universe

Quello che colpisce subito nell'ascolto degli Overloaded è la voce sel singer Chris Gillen con la sua timbrica vocale composta da un 70% di John Corabi e dai rimanenti 30% da Ronnie James Dio , Sammy Hagar e David Wanless ( Sven Gali ), un contato che condiziona positivamente il risultato finale del loro esordio discografico intitolato ” Hail the Kingdom ”.


No band has in the past 10 years delivered anything close to anything the bands mentioned above did back in "the go - Worldwide


2006 Overloaded (Full length re-issue of Hail the Kingdom cd and Hellfire ep)

2005 Hail the Kingdom

2005 Hellfire ep


Feeling a bit camera shy


Overloaded has been rejected by every record label in the world. Overloaded has never won a music award, or had a single submission to sonic bids be accepted. Overloaded is not made up of 22 year old kids, and does not play emo, pop-punk, or Spin magazine endorsed garage rock. Overloaded does not wear corpse paint or have an illegible logo with pentagrams and inverted crosses. No one in Overloaded is “sleeved”, owns the latest line of designer rock t shirts.

Overloaded plays music that thousands of hard rock and heavy metal fans are denied by the powers that be. Overloaded plays music for the forsaken, the people that don’t matter in eyes of corporate interests. These are the very people who are written off by the media, yet spend every Friday and Saturday night at the rock clubs. The forsaken don’t buy a new car every year, nor do they go on vacation to Aspen or the Bahamas. The forsaken live paycheck to paycheck and spend what’s left on cover charges, booze, cigarettes, and rock and roll… and they wouldn’t have it any other way. These are the real rock soldiers, and they don’t need Mtv or Spin magazine to tell them what is good. Some even have kids and you can be damn sure their kids know who the hell Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Metallica are.

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal thrives in the underground bar scene. This is where the forsaken go. They wouldn’t be caught dead in techno or hip hop club. You’ll never see them standing in line waiting to get inside the newest trendy hot spot. This is where hard liquor is drank straight up, and a lot of it. This is where cigarette smoke is breathed more than oxygen and non smokers know better than to complain. Life is not perfect though. Often the bar owner will blare some booty music between sets to snare some extra money out of the meat heads and jocks that wandered in. This is commonly referred to as “time to get in a game of pool” or “time to go outside and smoke a joint.”

If you venture into the underground you may very well run into Detroit’s Overloaded. Maybe you’ll see them opening for one of the touring national bands that come to town. You might unexpectedly catch them in another city, opening for a local band that they traded shows with. Perhaps you’ll stop at a bar for last call and see Overloaded half drunk and still kicking ass at the tail end of their third set that night. Or maybe, just maybe you will hear of them and go out of your way to see what the fuck is up this band Overloaded that proudly dares to play hard rock and heavy metal music.

Full Length self titled cd available for purchase online at CDBABY.com