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Medieval Metal Too- 2012 Heaven & Hell Records



The band Overlorde sr was formed in 1980 out of the ashes of a cover band called Rheagan, named after Linda Blairs role in the movie The Excorist. The band did not want to be associated with the newly inducted president Ronald Reagan. since the band was headed in a hard rock/ metal direction and wanting to do original material. Founding members Wildman George Koerber on guitar and Darrell Collins on Bass changed the name to Overlorde and got thier long time friend Steven V Sosa Jr. to front the band and added Stanley Draughon a long time friend on guitar and through several auditions found Larry Bledsoe on drums. The band quickly started on material and playing clubs and outdoor concert events and building a reputation of a heavy rock band with a castle and dungeon looking stage show. This band was always a two guitar band with duo leads and harmony lead solos. This established the "Power Metal" sound of the band early on in the early to mid 80's.

Overlorde sr released thier first four song demo called Medieval Metal only on cassette in 1985. The demo sold over 10,000 copies through sales at live shows and local record stores throughout North Carolina. This demo was sent to several record labels and Metal Blade Records wanted the song "Keeper of the Flame" for thier up coming release in thier Metal Massacre series. This series has spawned bands such as Metallica, Black and Blue just to name a few. The song was remixed and added guitarist Robbie Green on first solo and redid all of Stanley Draughon's guitar parts after Stanley had left the band. The band Overlorde sr was the featured hard rock band on the Metal Blade release of Metal Massacre Vol. 8 in 1987.

This signing of the band and the song "Keeper of the Flame" getting played all over the world and all over the United States gave the band the chance to open for several signed touring bands at the time. Robbie Green left the band to go to GIT in southern California and was replaced by a long time friend Lewis Hernandez on guitar. Lewis played with the band and even went into the studio where the Medieval Metal release was recorded in Zebulon,NC. Lewis left the band shortly after the studio and was replaced by Craig Dunham from the NC band Wizard.

After Craig Dunham joined the band long time bassist and founding member Darrell Collins left the band,but still was very active in the band with art work and photos. Darrells replacement was Gary Fisher. The Overlorde sr band with Steven V. Sosa Jr. on vocals, Wildman George Koerber on guitar, Craig Dunham on guitar, Larry Bledsoe on drums and Gary Fisher on bass went to Los Angeles in 1989 to play the world famous Trubadour for many labels encluding Metal Blade.

The band has gotten back together and is currently in the studio recording material that was never recorded or released back when the band was touring in the 80's opening for such bands as KIX, Frehleys Comet, Leatherwolf, Warlock, Savatage, Great White, Maxx Warrior, Maddam X, and more, too many to list.

The current lineup for the band is Steven V. Sosa Jr. on lead vocals, Wildman George Koerber on guitar, Craig Dunham on guitar, Gary Fisher on bass, and Zip on drums. Playing outdoor festivals this current line up is recording material that never got recorded in the 80's and will be the second release on Heaven and Hell records.

Heaven and Hell Records will release the bands Demo material on thier Relics Series called Medieval Metal Too. The New recordings of songs that never got recorded back in the 80's will be released on a different CD.There will be two CD releases in 2012 on Heaven and Hell records out of North Carolina.