Check Out The New Video!!! New York four piece with dark and immediate indie pop songs that bridge the gap between the angular rhythms of Television and Talking Heads to the keyboard inflected driving dance rock of The Cars and late Clash.


Winter 2003: Philip Watts (Cobra Libre, Gliss, Breech) came to a realization--He’s sick of Los Angeles. After finishing a handful of 60’s inspired recordings, he quit his crappy job, all the bands he was in, packed up the '85 Dodge van, and headed east.

He called a friend in Jersey City, indie-rock drummer-de-jour Greg Leto (Mercy Jar, Rye Coalition) and the two set out on a quest for the right players to complete the group. The mission was agonizing to say the least.

"A slow parade of foolishness, delusion, and poor social skills." is how Greg puts it.

Dozens of prospective players came and went before discovering John Majer (Lazy Cane, J. Rawls), and Ben Davidson (Black Cat Revolver, Candy Darlings). The four had instant chemistry and began writing together the very first night they played. A name was chosen and Overnight was ready to go.

Watt’s 60's inspired garage-pop served as a starting point for Overnight’s sound—but only to be taken into a dancier, more experimental direction.

"I decided pretty early on that I wasn't going to try to control the direction of this band's sound. There something very cool and organic about our chemistry and I know enough not to screw that up by over thinking it." He says.

Leto's background in indie rock had been fused with his recent success as a dub and funk DJ in and around New York. His dub instincts combined with Davidson’s punk-rock background create vigorously intense rhythm section. Majer’s pulls together the groups' elements into tight, modest arrangements, adding just enough color and texture. Watts and Majer also take turns on keyboards, electric piano, and an ever increasing palette of instruments.

Although the band is only a few months old, they are already beginning to make waves. The live show has proven to be a real strength of the band, as they wear their energy and enthusiasm for what they do on their collective sleeve. After their first show, they were asked to squeeze onto a CMJ bill sponsored by Fader Magazine the very next week. Their fourth show was reviewed glowingly by industry newsletter "The Tripwire." -JK


Scene Today

Written By: Words and Music by Philip Watts, all rights reserved

The scene today, we were right there, happiness.
No words to say, no words to fail me, happiness.
Because the words only fail.

All over the world
a shot, it was heard,
it rang out and we cannot go back now.
The writing is showing,
our numbers are growing
and we will not go back now.

It won’t just go away.
No matter what you say.

A leaden sky, the wind blows cold and merciless.
In a drawing eye, the crowd is civil but the words grow restless.
Words like fuel for fire.


One turn deservers another.
It’s just to keep your head above the water line.
Because there’s a dark cloud rising.

I won’t just go away.
No matter what you say.
We won’t just go away.
No matter what you say.
No matter what you say.
No matter what you say.

Under The Ice

Written By: Words and Music by Philip Watts. All rights reserved

I couldn’t get there fast enough,
I left in the middle of school.
Your dad, he stood in the front door,
you got in back .
Your voice, it shook.
You didn’t look.
You said “drive, please don’t ask, just drive.”

Remember the day
Remember the day
Remember the day, I will.

I wanted to show you something,
these fish that live under he ice up at the lake.
We went searching in circles for hours
with the windows down, and the heat cranked up
and the cold air felt like fire in our lungs.

I remember when
I said I was your friend
but you went up alone
like you would defend the name of another.
The day was sure to come
you would have to run
with them snapping at your heals,
sprinting and the lunge,
just to get to cover.


The sky looked like a white flag,
when I felt the heat rise at my back.
I jumped and left it all behind.
And when I turned,
the flames swept through like funeral pire
and the Delta burned right on the side of the road.



"Beat the Drum Till They Follow" 6 song EP Due in October.