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The best kept secret in music


"Overnight Lows Self-Titled CD Review"

Emerging local Los Angeles based talent Overnight Lows is a refreshing blend of alterative rock music. Their self-titled CD combines the energy of Gwen Stefani, the power of Pat Benatar and a twist of Blondie. Pleasantly surprising is the professionalism of the production on this CD courtesy of Joz Ramirez produced at the Space and Hard Drive studios.

“We have a wide range of influences. We appreciate all great songwriting…any song that takes you somewhere the second you hear it,” explains vocalist Jules Larson in a recent interview.

Overnight Lows is comprised of Jules Larson (vocals), Joz Ramirez (guitar), Moses (bass), and Jeff Keenan (drums).

This quartet speaks universal truths in their music dealing with faltering relationships, cheating friends, with intensely personal recounts of relationships on the mend. Something about their music feels familiar and far reaching. Their songs have catchy choruses and impressive melodies. The tunes are very accessible and direct.
The band has power, energy and emotion. “We tend to write songs that are short and to the point, yet they’ve all got their own personalities,” claims Larson. “Every minute should be more exciting then the last.”

The band has just finished their debut video for their song “The Breaks” directed by the talented Nathan Marshall. Check out a video of live clips on their My Space account: www.myspace.com/overnightlows. The band also has the song, “Delay the Wait” in the movie Pulse, which came out on DVD December 5th.

When composing a song Larson is very deliberate. “For me, when I’m writing, it’s just the way I express whatever I’m feeling at the time. Usually it doesn’t have to do with anything directly, just a bunch of things that I can collect in my subconscious then they just spill out on paper or in melodies. Sometimes I don’t even realize how strongly
I felt about something, and then I look back at what I wrote and it all kinda makes sense.”

Beginning with “The Breaks,” this song sets the tone for the CD. It is very upbeat with a catchy chorus that sticks with you for some time. Jules vocals are crisp and engaging. She really sells the song.

“Leech,” deals with a friend that leeches off other friends and how plain as day it is to see by everyone except the one involved.

“Delay the Wait,” has the feel of old school pop-punk rock and is by far the strongest track on this eight-song disc.

One of the most interesting things that has happened to the band is finding out how helpful many people have been coming out and offering to help the band to get their name and music out to the public. “We are grateful for them,” said Larson. Working hard and having determination has served this band well. “We’re just going to keep working hard and challenging ourselves to be better writers and better musicians. We really love playing together and I hope that translates to people when we’re on stage. We’ll be playing our asses off in 2007, I can guarantee that,” explains Larson. “I hope we never have to feel like there is a limit to where we can go with our music.

Overnight Lows have a sunny outlook. These songs are like precious little gems. They definitely deserve to be heard. Plus, they have a very bright future. Check them out at: www.overnightlows.com or www.myspace.com/overnightlows.

- All-Access Magazine


OVERNIGHT LOWS - Self-Titled album



Taking something classic and making it their own, Los Angeles based OVERNIGHT LOWS expands upon the concept of rock n’ roll on disc, on stage, and on air. A band in the making for nearly five years, OVERNIGHT LOWS has now hit their stride with a killer lineup and a sound that is all their own.

Founded by singer Jules and guitarist/producer Joz, the duo seemed an unlikely pair at the start. Their backgrounds were as diverse as their musical influences; Joz growing up in Mexico and favoring the sounds of bands such as Blur, Queen, and Zeppelin, and Jules, an L.A. native, with a style as spirited as her love of early Motown. Add a rhythm section to the equation with Jeff on drums and Moses on bass, let the old blend with the new, and OVERNIGHT LOWS is poised to make their mark.

With a magnetic stage presence and a variety of well-crafted catchy pop songs under their belt, OVERNIGHT LOWS has played gigs at some of the most marquee venues in Southern California, including THE VIPER ROOM, THE TROUBADOUR, CLUB MOSCOW, THE KEY CLUB, and concluded a September residency at SAFARI SAMS in Hollywood. They have shared the stage with the likes of UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF GIANTS, THE VACATION, COLD WAR KIDS, YOUNG LOVE, METAL SKOOL, THE MUFFS, and MATT COSTA. Their self-produced, self-titled debut album, released April 2006, can be heard in rotation on INDIE 103.1 fm and KXLU 88.9 fm (in Los Angeles/Orange County), as well as 94.9 fm in San Diego. OVERNIGHT LOWS has also received song placements in the film Pulse, written by Wes Craven, and a show called The Block on Nick, Jr.