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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band EDM Reggae


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Overproof Soundsystem lay it all out – their philosophy, their religion, their extracurricular activities – as they see fit. There’s nothing left unsaid here. An old-school approach with a contemporary cadence.
- Dusted Magazine

"Album Review in California"

The combination of the MCs' lyrical dexterity and the deep, dance-friendly dub enveloping them has been a hit with crowds all over Europe - East Bay Express

"If you want proof they're over here"

Having had a big influence on the Birmingham music scene when coming together a decade or so ago, it didn't take long for Overproof Soundsystem's blend of reggae, dub and electronica to catch on outside their homeland. - New Zealand herald


Good job by the crew straight out of Birmingham, UK. - Dub Flash

"Overproof Sound System Review"

Socially conscious without being preachy, Nothing carries a message of peace and unity on tracks such as "Fussing and Fighting" and "War Must Cease" with a sincerity that is genuine, much like the group's reggae forefathers did. - Miami New Times


Still working on that hot first release.



Overproof Sound system started its life in 1998 as a monthly reggae night called "Overproof" held at the Medicine bar in Birmingham, England. The night was started by Different Drummer's Richard Wittingham (Rockers Hi Fi) Adam Regan (Leftfoot) and Birmingham's dub duo G.Corp.

Since the seventies, reggae music in Birmingham had become ghettoized, pushed out of city venues into illegal parties and split into genres. With violence on the increase it was only the brave that would get to hear it. The "Overproof" night was not only a way for those involved to escape the recording studio and party but a way of bringing reggae back to the masses. This was not a bashment or revives night. Not to be tied down to one genre the music policy was anything reggae or reggae influenced. From old school sixty's cuts to modern Dub and remixes. With its atmosphere of peace and good vibes and a reputation for a happy mixed crowd the night soon grew often bringing together 1500 regulars for what have now become legendery parties. From the start, the microphone and DJ'ing duties were shared by Ras-T-Weed (Rockers Hi Fi) and Juggla (Creation sound) over time percussion was added in the form of The Mighty Magoo (Substance). Messenger Douglas later joined Overproof in 2003, and has been part of Overproof ever since.

In 1999 a European promoter attended the club and so impressed with the good spirit and almost tribal quality of the party he invited Overproof over to Europe, thus giving birth to the "Overproof sound system". The sound system has been touring constantly now since 1999 and has become a solid core of five people Ras-T-Weed (Rockers Hi Fi), Juggla, Mighty Magoo, Stallion (G Corp.) and Jah Grizzly (G Corp.).
Having taken on three summers of festivals, twenty two date tours and playing along side most of there reggae heroes, it was time to record there own music project, at the start of 2002 the now legendary "Watch what you put inna" E.P was recorded and despite distribution problems the track went on to be, and still is a club anthem around the world.
With this as inspiration in the early part of 2003 "Overproof" forced a break from touring and encamped in the "Elephant House" the celebrated headquarters of Birmingham's Dub miesters G.Corp. Under the production eye of G.Corp, Overproof's first album "Nothing to proove" was written and recorded. The album reflects the true spirit of both the original club night and the sound systems live presence. Musical styles swing joyfully from the studio one'ish "Get With It" through the blissful roots of " the Plea" to the cheeky dance hall anthem "Long time". Kenijah Boothe son of reggae legend Ken Boothe takes on guest vocals

The Elephanthouse has been running red hot with the new Overproof LP. just finished, it already includes s few real gems. There's a nod to the German massive with a cover of Kraftwork's "The Model", a hip-hop anthem in the form of "Youth Culture" and a few other real surprises... Watch this space...