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Over-reactor are a death-hop two piece from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound incorporates elements of hip-hop, hardcore, metal and rock. The live show is utterly unique - a blend of raw, heavy sounds and confronting visuals with electronic loops, televisions, two vocals and a drum kit.


In 2009, Melbourne musicians Ezekiel Ox and Cory Blight's respective musical endeavours came to an abrupt end. A mutual friend suggested they start collaborating.

In December of that year, Ezekiel and Cory met at the Village Belle in St Kilda. Cory handed Zeke a fourteen track instrumental demo.

The pair began collaborating on January 11, 2010. By the end of February, they had worked the original demos into the basis for an album.

The same mutual friend suggested they try playing the new material as a two piece. The duo hired a rehearsal studio in South Melbourne, and tested it out. It worked. They enlisted a third "silent" non-playing member to take care of graphic design, website, and video production.

March saw the two settle on the name Over-reactor, and the release of their first track - a tongue in cheek, minute long hardcore number - "Fuck You Myspace," available exclusively on Myspace. The Over-reactor website was launched complete with a music player featuring The Evil Hamlet, a dark spoken word piece set to organ and horror movie samples.

In April the mutual friend found an empty two-storey office block in South Melbourne, and obtained permission to use the space for free for three weeks. Over-reactor moved in a drum kit, studio equipment and makeshift baffling, and emerged with drum tracks for the debut album.

Over-reactor first performed live on May 30 at The Espy Gershwin room, St Kilda to around 50 curious music fans. The next shows were supporting COG, June 11 at the Metro Theatre, Sydney, and June 12 at The Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane.

On August 9, the seventeen track album Lose Your Delusion I was released through the band's website. August 13 was the physical album launch at Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne. The 120 strong crowd were treated to baked beans and red wine after the show. It was the first gig featuring a television with visuals for each track.

The second album, Lose Your Delusion Too, was released through the Over-reactor website on December 16. The physical launch was this time in Sydney, December 18 at The St James Hotel.


All Shields Down

Written By: Over-reactor

All Shields Down

Got, Gotta know
Jump back and then reassess
All 'round the town they say
That it's all been said
And it's all been told
I'm not here to pass the torch
I got a brand new towel
And a Lucozade
Goose step
It was bound to fail
Another wing to burn
Between the open eye
Get down
Smoking out the hive
I got a soup van
Three mile high
Oh my god
I can feed the line
I'll conceal for the profit line
All my life living in denial
I got a Hallmark card
On the bed
All locked in
We'll be best of friends
Are you set to dominate?
Or that power eliminate?
You can philosophise
All the time
You can be gay, straight
Change your mind
Get lost in the space of life
Audio stunt
Just to fill the time
All you punks need to energise
Up and on the line
Give them boots a shine
Keep the time
Now's the time
To get up or die

Whose side are you on?

I've got that feeling again

Crack, crack the case
Hang on to the manifest
My moves extend from me
A mega flow for me
Pave the road for me
I got a style on the internet
I'll be the down low child
Of a new generation
Never been one to desist
Another band to flex
Another fornication
Immigration makes sense
Let's multiply
All march with a banner
Hold it high
I don't eat camel
But I'll try
I don't accept monopolise
Hold it down
It's a tickle today
But in time a tumor grows
It's the only way
Hurt my knee
Running from a car
Hold my calls today
Because a brand new scene
Has done it again
Oceans, lakes and rivers collide
Find an axe if you wanna die
Wear the wounds and scar
And hide it, hide it, hide it
Hide that old used car
Tearing seams
Take a seat at the bar
Sold my cell
On the prison farm
Burn myself
Oh, ah
I cool down
Like a polar bear,

Whose side are you on?

Busy picking that bone
I've seen you you scratching

All shields are down
I sense the over-reaction right up front making you offensive

Got, gotta know
Step back can you manifest
Oh yeah
Cause you know you will
Follow me
Like I said
Don't forget to breath
Get packing
You're moving town
All this down to me
Ripped my back
At the poker game
I'll give you
Violent centrefolds
All shields down

Something More (Featuring Chris Cheney)

Written By: Over-reactor

Lower your weapon
Huh, without a care
I've seen you waltz around a
With a victims in pairs
They use infection
To better themselves
But wrinkles in their psyche
Never heal themselves
Make a connection
A slip and a slide
They don't want revolution
They just try to divide
Ask the question
Relate to mothers milk
I'm wearing gangsta threads
While they are dressed up in silk

I won't be first to blame
I won't be forced to bleed
I will not live my knees
There's something more I need

Try vivisection
To reach the rotten core
All composed at parties
Wait for what's in store
'Nother election
Watch the promise fall
Then Saturday at three
Step up and speak for us all

I heard him saying he banks with the Jews
I heard saying that the Blacks begot the blues
I heard him saying that Asians make good food
I heard him saying that together we could a rule

I won't be first to blame
I won't be forced to bleed
I will not live my knees
There's something I need

It's a deception,
I'm telling you now,
Never never land
Won't let ya in their tower
Effecting sections
The whole is the goal
And looking at the stats
I'd say we're on a roll


Fuck You Myspace (Single) - March 2010
The Evil Hamlet (Single) - March 2010
Lose Your Delusion I (Album) - August 2010
Lose Your Delusion Too (Album) - December 2010

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