Raw, aggressive sounds are the backbone of the rhythm section (drums and bass. The guitar is an entity in itself with riffs not heard and unparalleled in today's rock world. The vocals are a supernatural force that propels the music to a different level. These elements work as one to create magic.


Jason Rollins (27) started playing the guitar at age 12, with one goal, form a band and become successful at it. It was several years later that his younger brother, Justin Rollins (23) joined him by becoming the drummer in his pursuit of forming a band. Together in 2001, Oversaken was created by the two aspiring brothers. Days, months, even years went by as the two spent countless hours, producing and perfecting a hard, melodic, yet very unique sound. Different talent joined the two in the lineup over the years, from very hard vocals to soft pop vocals. A variety of different bassist tried to fill the bill as well, however none of the singers or bass players meshed with the well oiled machine that was Jason and Justin. In late 2006, Oversaken came one step closer in perfecting the lineup, Brooks Peeler (27) joined the team on bass, and brought a new life to the band. Bringing a raw, aggressive talent that was almost as big as his passion for success, Brooks was exactly what Oversaken had been looking for. The final piece was solved months later, in the form of family. Brian Philbeck(30) (cousin of Jason and Justin and former lead singer of the band Injustus) joined the team and pointed Oversaken in a direction that was once a figment of the two brothers imagination. The songs became complete, the machine started rolling and the band started playing out. Now with each and every show that is being played Oversaken is becoming the monster unleashed. The drums give off a thunderous, spine tingling, melodic boom that is rhythmically aligned with the attack of the bass. The lead and rhythm that is created by Jason on the guitar, is something that this universe hasn’t yet heard. Brian’s vocals will put you in an audio trance, that you will not want to recover from. Blend this formula together, and it creates sheer magic that is destined to be heard by the masses.


Oversaken / E.P.-2007

Set List

Sets range from 30-45 min. No Covers

Beast of 1000 Names
Memory of Me
Kingdom Crushed
Tiger Stripes
Cold Tunnel
Silent War
Born in Barbed Wire
Black Wedding
Someone's Playing With My Life
Human Snakes
Orphan Song
Sinister Fixation
Black Windows
Ice Storm