Oversoulss is flat-out a band that sounds big. While club shows are fine, they are ready to tour large venues this summer with Alter Bridge. With world class vocals and instrumentation, this is a band that belongs on big stages, in big press, with big crowds and in your stereo.


Those who can, do. Those who can't, they say, teach. Those who teach the best, form a kick ass band. Oversoulss features guitarist Troy Stetina, a world-class player and music educator with more than 30 rock and metal instructional methods to his credit, with total sales of nearly 1 million copies.

Among the many guitarists that were inspired by Stetina's instructional work over the years was a young Mark Tremonti who later became part of one the biggest bands of the last 10 years--Creed. After the two met in 2002, Mark began taking lead guitar lessons with Troy and the two developed a mutual friendship. Shortly thereafter, Troy revisited the idea of putting together a band again and started working on material. When Tremonti later heard the project demos he became involved, helping with arrangements and more. Stetina hooked up with other top talent as the project progressed.

The first to join the new group was prog-metal drummer EDDIE SHAPANSKE, who had recorded an album with BENT the previous year at Troy's Milwaukee area studio, Artist Underground. The two auditioned and worked with various vocalists for more than a year before they hooked up with DAVID RANGEL, formerly the singer of Mersey Side, a Minneapolis-based band that had just missed a major label deal. To complete the group's lineup, bassist DAN EVANS was selected.

OVERSOULSS is currently working out the "new band kinks" with several local Milwaukee area shows. The band is officially set to tour with Alter Bridge this summer.


Currently at work on debut CD.

Set List

Higher Ground
All the People
In My Head
Still Photo Day
Deep End
Engine of Oppression
Shine Down
Stand Up
My Reality
Things Unseen
Lowest End of Down

all originals