Over the Coals

Over the Coals


Hard hitting, four piece metal band hailing from Vancouver, BC. Over the Coals boasts burly, in-your-face vocals with blistering guitar riffs and a tight, driving rhythm section. Incredible sound and feel on disc, and a must-see live act. New album 'Closed Eyes at Sunrise' out July 1st '08!


Vancouver, B.C.’s hard-hitting metal quartet Over the Coals are back with their second full length album Closed Eyes at Sunrise, a brutal fourteen track assault on the senses that runs the gamut from arena rock anthems to full-on thrash metal. Singer James McMurtrie’s “mix between Phil Anselmo and Chris Cornell” vocals lead a charge of sonic mayhem best described as a fusion of classic and modern metal offerings, creating a style that can appeal to fans of any kind of rock music.

Armed with the experience of creating, recording, promoting and distributing an independent album through the release of their debut disc ‘Declaration’ in December of 2006, Over the Coals is gearing up to bring their sophomore album to the masses. The ‘Summer of Thunder Tour 2008’ in support of the new release was a huge success for the band, as it took them to cities all throughout Western Canada in July and August, including an opening slot for Hedley at the CN Center in Prince George, BC to a crowd of nearly three thousand (this was one of two high profile gigs in recent memory for the band, having opened for Powerman 5000 in Vancouver in May of 2008). More tour dates throughout Canada and the United States are in the works for early 2009, and in the meantime the band will be playing select shows in their home base of Vancouver, including a spot opening for Iced Earth at the famed Commodore Ballroom in November. In between outings on the road, Over the Coals will continue to write new material for a third full length album, and will also continue working to increase the fingerprint of the band through International distribution and promotion of 'Closed Eyes at Sunrise'.

Keeping the wheels in motion is the main focus of Over the Coals, aspiring to show that success in today’s music scene can be achieved through independent means. Keep track of the progress through the band’s MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/overthecoals) or get in touch with them directly through overthecoalsband@hotmail.com.


Declaration - The debut LP from Over the Coals, released in December 2006. The first singles 'Now I've Seen It All' and 'Legion' are currently receiving independent radio play in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Closed Eyes at Sunrise - Released July 1st 2008, the sophomore album from Over the Coals boasts a track listing nearly twice that of its predecessor and also features a more diverse mix of music - arena rock anthems to full out thrash metal - it's all here.

Set List

Now I've Seen It All
Drown Me
Call to Arms
Assault & Battery
No Way Out
The Messenger
Closed Eyes at Sunrise
Clean Slate
Better Days
We Fall Behind
Bombs Away
On the Edge
The Old Hag
Look to the North
The Scene