Over the Edge

Over the Edge


R-n-R with lots of Punk Soul Coal. Think Social D, Elvis, The Clash and Johnny Cash all in one big stinkin rock sandwich. Rock-n-Roll, Beer and the Stage.....Ready Set Go for another Lost Weekend!


"Boston punks Over the Edge are living proof there is little distance between Johnny Cash and Mike Ness (Social Distortion). Their driving brand of American punk rock suggests that if Elvis were a teenager today, he'd be running a Les Paul through a Marshall stack. These guys have seen it all before and they have stuck with the classics." - Download.com

In the summer of 2004, Fred Evicci (Out Cold) and Mike Mahoney (Blood For Blood) both found themselves in search of a new musical outlet. Although both had been a major part of the Boston hardcore scene, the two never met. It was through a local musician's want ad that the two got in touch and began playing original music together with drums, guitar and vocals. It wasn't long before the two had enough material to add a bass player. They knew they had to find someone who could hold down the rhythm but also be a vocal presence. At summer's end in 2004, Jeff Morgan auditioned and quickly was recognized as the perfect fit for Boston's newest rock outfit. "The three of us just kind of clicked" says Morgan. "The first time we all played together we all knew we had our band." Over the Edge was formed.

A large part of the OTE sound has to do with Evicci's songwriting. With influences like: The Ramones, Social Distortion, Rolling Stones and solo artists like Johnny Thunders, it's only natural that their sound is a bit more Rock 'N' Roll than a lot of today's punk bands. The first time he (Evicci) heard The Clash he was in awe of not only their rawness but also their dual vocal attack. "I like a lot of what the new bands are doing but the roots of punk have always been in straight ahead rock 'n' roll and always will be", says songwriter Evicci.

The trio spent the rest of 2004 working tirelessly on approximately 15 songs of which they would record four for a self released CD Demo. The band went in to record with John Bean at House of Beans (Slapshot, Hank Crane, Stars and Stripes) and came out with a diverse and melodic representation of their raw sound. "We have songs that are a throwback to the early rock tunes of the 50's but we also have some that are more raw just like punk should be, ya know sounds of the street" says drummer Mahoney.

In early 2005, Over the Edge released their 4 song demo and added Todd Snyder on rhythm guitar. OTE played numerous shows in support of their 4 song demo while continuously testing new material on their crowds. Highlights of the year included playing with bands such as The Blue Bloods, Pug Uglies and Spitzz. Also, the song "Teenage Riot" was released on the Far From Finished "Hard Times" benefit compilation which also features bands such as Darkbuster, Tommy and The Terrors and the Lost City Angels. Lastly, the band was nominated for a Maxie award by The Noise Magazine, in the category for Boston's best new band.

In late 2005, the band and Snyder amicably parted ways leading to the addition of veteran rhythm guitarist Johnny W. Black (Tenafly Vipers, Sharkey's Machine). With hopes that 2006 is the breakout year for OTE, an upcoming recording session has been planned for early February as well as several shows booked well into mid 2006. The band hopes to land a recording deal soon but in the meantime, they'll continue to deliver their honest blend of punk rock to as many people as possible. OTE hopes to see you at the bar...


2005 - 4 Song Demo - Self Released
Banded Together to Fight Hard Times compilation
2006 - 3 Song Demo - Self Released

Set List

usually anywhere from 8-12 songs, depending on our position on the bill

Covers we've done are:

Neat Neat Neat - The Damned
Borrowed Time - The Bruisers
Wasted Life - Stiff Little Fingers