Over The Void

Over The Void


OVER THE VOID actively blends differing styles over ethnic based rhythms infused with an infectious energy that comes from pure enjoyment of music. Mystically poetic lyrics deal with love, social issues and our favorite locale - Central Florida's East Coast. OTV is all original, current and hot!!!


OVER THE VOID is Phil Putman's vehicle for seeding the culture with his music and message. In the early seventies Phil traded the excitement and fast pace of the music industry for long years of quiet discipline and study with the intent of developing a unigue originality. He is now considered a legend in the music community around Brevard County, Florida. From working diligently to help cultivate a music scene, especially focused on helping younger musicians get exposure, Phil has been able to stay current and vital. Though OVER THE VOID predominantly performs Phil's original songs they also do a few by multi-instrumentalist, Eric Hill and the band will often do extended jams, mostly improvisational.

OVER THE VOID was first formed in 2007. During 2008 the band worked to create a dynamic sound and presentation with an emphasis on live energy. Phil Putman is an exceptional song writer. His arrangements and lyrics unlock doors and inspire.
The whole band is involved in fashioning the finished product, if there is such a thing - we're always challenged to do better, to be more real, more honest, more connected to our audience.

Influences are extensive. First Wave Ska, Roots Reggae, Dancehall, Funk, Hawaiian, Blue Grass, Swing, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, and World are all included. OVER THE VOID doesn't attempt to sound like any other band. Phil Putman leads with acoustic guitar played almost exclusively as a percussion instrument. His vocals are strong, clear, expressive, free and melodic. Scott McLean, on drums, coming from a funk background, gives the music a distinct bite while Maurice Melchor's jazzy bass holds everything down. The real key to OVER THE VOID, though, is Eric Hill, an all purpose music dare devil who charges into music the same way he surfs and skates - all out! The combined energy is irresistable.

OVER THE VOID loves Florida and feels strongly about representing our home turf with confidence and optimism. We are unique, original, deeply rooted and we love audiences. YEOW!!!!

Set List

OVER THE VOID usually plays four hour shows with three sets and two intermissions. Each set is usually about 60 minutes long.

Set 1
Over the Void
Sea of Love
Poor Traveler
Working My Garden
Blusae Reggae
Good Vibes
Things Change
Sleepless Nights
Good Friends
Restless waves

Set 2
Paperback Sky
Ground Swell
Close Your Eyes
I love Ska
Ghetto Surfer
Chains of Cold
Dusty Visions
Last of These Days

Set 3
Dancing While Driving
Check the Waves
Sharp Razor
Lock Down
Cold Outside
Baby I Will
Get Closer
Over the Void