London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2011

London, England, United Kingdom
Established on Jan, 2011
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"OVERTHROW Live Review - 21 May 2018"

"These days, too many bands are described as old school thrash, and that phrase can lose its meaning. But this band genuinely have that capacity, in that they combine furious riffage, skilled pace and songs which are well constructed. Reason enough to celebrate them."

- Malcolm Dome, Metal Hammer/Team Rock - Malcolm Dome, Metal Hammer UK

"OVERTHROW Live Review - 21 May 2018"

"They epitomise everything that's good about great British heavy metal. They rock real hard, they [write] some damn good songs and most importantly, they're great fun to watch live. What more could you ask for?"

- Jerry Ewing, Prog Magazine/Metal Hammer - Jerry Ewing, Prog Magazine UK/Metal Hammer UK




After a decade of constant writing, performing live, personnel changes and overcoming many personal and professional hurdles, London-based band, Overthrow, finally and proudly present their debut album to the world.

Recorded at Cro's Nest Studio with Sam Thredder at the helm and undaunted by the 2020 pandemic, Overthrow deliver a triumphantly unique blend of the very best elements of Thrash, Death, Black and Classic Heavy Metal, performed with a healthy respect for uncompromising heaviness, paired with modern precision.

Found rhythm guitarist and vocalist Jay White says of the album:
“We are extremely proud of this album and the work that has gone into making it a reality. We love everything about it; the song-writing, the production, the performances, the artwork, everything. It is not only a fantastic representation of what this band sounds like in 2021, but it is also a retrospective collection of a decade’s worth of hard work, hard times and above all, great fucking music that will leave any self-respecting metal devotee wanting more.”

Bandcamp: overthrowmetal.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @overthrowuk
EPK: overthrowuk.epk.fm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OverthrowUK
YouTube: https://rb.gy/mrn7j4
Email: overthrowdeath@gmail.com Phone: 07502102550 - Overthrow

"OVERTHROW - 'Strike Down The Saviour' Album Review"

Overthrow - Strike Down The Saviour (Self Released)

Overthrow play thrash, blackened thrash in fact, gnarly, nasty explosive thrash that takes as much from the Teutonic thrash scene as it does from the Scandi black metal scene. So bands such as Aura Noir, Sodom and Venom all come to mind as soon as you start to spin this London band's debut offering. A dramatic intro guides you into the record, but soon the riffs come fast, ripping and clawing their way out of the their way of the speakers, blast beats going hell for leather and that's before the growling vocals come in. The title track easily switches from choppy grooves the fluid thrash riffs, Alex Harris and Jay White playing off each other well as the bands axe-men, touching on a more modern sound than many of their blackened thrash friends, making the title track, and most of the album in fact become similar to the style of bands like Trivium, Revocation or Sylosis.
White has great voice too, growled but with a black metal edginess to it, Seeds Of Disease probably his most powerful performance. It's a brooding doomy track where drummer Scott Lindsay, unleashes double kicks underneath a mid-paced riff, his concussive percussion leads us into the final Altar Of The Fallen which is a great slab of modern thrash metal, underpinned by Alin Iordache's bass riffs. Strike Down The Saviour is a record that is full of the type of thrash I really enjoy, it's got melodies and solos, lots of moody darkness and explosive riffage. I'll be catching them if they play live anywhere near me as this album is impressive. 8/10 - Matt Bladen, Musipedia Of Metal

"OVERTHROW Album Launch w/ HELFEKTED & MUST KILL - The Black Heart, London"

It's taken 10 years for OVERTHROW to release their debut album, Strike Down The Saviour, but tonight is a perfect argument for the benefits of taking your time. The four-piece's wall of sound isn't a cover up for undercooked elements below, it's an expansive 360° vision helmed by the genuine emotion driving vocalist Jay White's howl. Often coming across like a more inflamed Trivium, their deeply integrated, know-their-shit elements of thrash and death metal aren't backwards looking, but rather always fully in the moment, reaching anthemic status from the sheer intrinsic energy at their command.
A decade in, but this feels like the epicentre of something big. - Jonathan Selzer, Metal Hammer UK


Now Fear The Mercenary (EP)
Strike Down The Saviour (Album)



Overthrow are a Black & Death Metal inspired Thrash Metal band formed in London, UK, in 2011.

Jay White - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Alex Harris - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Alin Iordache - Bass Guitar
Scott Lindsay - Drums

Band Members