Over Under Down Yonder

Over Under Down Yonder


Bluegrass in instrumentation only. Cross-breeding folk/funk and good ol' Rock & Roll for everyones pleasure.


For three years now, this four piece string band has been delighting fans with its unique brand of Americana.
Conceived in the campgrounds and all-night-jams of Merlefest, and born into the music scene of Northern Virginia, Over Under Down Yonder blends blues, folk and bluegrass with a thoroughly modern acoustic sound. The result is an upbeat and powerful musical style with nearly universal appeal - children of all ages love an Over Under Down Yonder show!

Over Under Down Yonder or OUDY (rhymes with "rowdy") as they're known to be called, generally take an all out approach to every night playing. Every night takes on a different feel making each show unique. Set lists...and songs themselves...can change not only as the night goes on, but also mid-song as the band takes it on themselves to make the music as the night seems fit.


Featured on Herb and Hansons "The Whiskey Fund" (2006)

Set List

Over Under Down Yonder has over 70 songs in its active set list. We typically play three 50 minute sets, although we can arrange to play a longer or shorter show. A typical set will feature a tasteful blend of cover songs, traditional standards and originals. As a band, influences range from Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash and Little Feat to the classic bluegrassers like John Hartford, Doc Watson, Flatt & Scruggs. There's even some attempts at Country Swing a la Bob Wills or Red Knuckles.