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"Southeast Performer Magazine - Performermag.com"

Home recording studios are flourishing and consequently more and more independent music is being released. While it is certainly quite remarkable that one can lay down an idea at anytime of day or night, without having to worry about booking studio time, we all must all accept the responsibility of writing and recording quality music to share with our listeners. The Hagewood team has lived up to this responsibility quite well on this offering. While some may say that writing without the input of co writers and other warm blooded musicians may leave the project sounding a bit one dimensional, I will give kudos to the Hagewoods for scribing their unique sound on this disc without straying too far. Overall, the music was very solid modern rock. The listener may hear the odd flat lyric here and there, but like a lot of modern bands, the music carries the band. Personal favorites of mine included Tracks 1, 2, and 6. As I have often said times before, the songs that were my least favorites were the lengthy ones. People, we have grown up in a society of listeners with short attention spans. Grab a copy of Foo Fighters “Color and the Shape,” and see if there are any tracks on it over 5 minutes. Of course not, nor should there be on anyone's CD these days. Before you go calling me a hypocrite because you know that song two is one of my favorites and breaks the 4-minute barrier, let me explain. Overwhelmed has included a 60-second guitar solo that pours out like a vintage wine, not unlike the solos on Weezer's Maladroit release. If you can play an axe like that, I say throw a few solos out from time to time. By the way, did anyone notice the lack of really good soloing lately? From the psychedelic groove of the baritone guitar in track one, the incredible crash in at 1:20 in track two, and the intelligent counter melodies of track six, it is easy to see that the Overwhelmed act will have a strong follow up release. I am rating this project at 7/10 and expecting a 10/10 with proper mastering and production for the next one.

- Blair Barnhardt


Overwhelmed is one of those bands that is hard to classify, compare or describe. They are a rock band. Modern rock as opposed to classic rock. They have a very sonic sound. On one hand it's passionate, energitic sound, while at the same time it's slow and plodding and steady.

Vocalist Quentin Hagewood has a great voice. It's a voice that somehow evokes emotion without portraying it so much. It's got hollowness, an emptiness, similar to David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. At times it becomes sharp and agitated and at times there is a whispering intensity, a sort of quiet impatience.

Guitars are always electric. This is very much an electric band. Percussion is on the mark and creative.

This album provides a good all around picture what this band can accomplish. It shows the ups and downs, the hard and the soft. It is an excellent debut 8 full length release, and I can see these guys going very far. While not as heavy, I'd file this CD next to The Tea Party. It has the same feel.

This is a good thing. - Brian


"Forgot to Land" out July 2006
1. Early Spring
2. Radiant Girl *
3. Light Year Venus
4. Bondo
5. Burdening the Blind *
6. Light Year Mars
7. Jupiter
8. Report *
9. Light Year Saturn
10. Callous Friend
11. Saline Breed
12. Damp *
13. Light Year Neptune
14. Casting Call
15. Atonement

* = suggested tracks


Feeling a bit camera shy


When Overwhelmed begins to promote its sophomore release, Forgot to Land, with a CD release party on August 4 at The 10 High, it will lift the band’s reputation for hard-hitting, critically-acclaimed alternative rock to a whole new level.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Quentin Hagewood, along with brother Harlan on guitar and backing vocals; Brad Lacey on drums; and Kyle Pinion on bass produce an unforgettable sound that some compare to Sunny Day Real Estate and A Perfect Circle.

The band is a regional powerhouse. In addition to a strong fan base, Overwhelmed debut album, Zero, was praised in Southeast Performer Magazine and got airplay on WRAS 88.5 and the 96-Rock locals show.

The Hagewood brothers were actually on opposite coasts; Harlan in Atlanta, Quentin in Portland; before the group came together in a manner that was anything but premeditated. “I can't say we were sure music would be our entire future, but we knew it would definitely be a big part of our future,” says Harlan. “We both always seemed wide-eyed about it but kept the reality in view.”

That common-sense approach helped the band find the right collaborators. Brad Lacey worked at the bar where the brothers played their very first show—at the time, they weren’t even aware he played drums. He was introduced by a mutual friend, who at the time was filling in as a temporary bass player. His playing and input was just what the band needed.

When the temporary bassist left, the band placed an ad. “Considering what a nightmare musician want ads can be, we picked a lucky time to pursue a new bass player,” says Quentin. “Kyle Pinion came in younger than the rest of us, ambitious, and the hardest working, freaking bass player--scratch that--band member we have ever met. He has quickly become like the younger brother you always wanted to have in your band, and your family. “

Now, complete and with a second album on the threshold, Overwhelmed is anything but that. This is a band that knows there’s great opportunity “out there,” but has stayed true to itself.

“This album is a collaboration between us, Matt Talbott, and Chuck Jopski as far as production is concerned,” says Hagewood. “Forgot to Land is a true reflection of an Overwhelmed collaboration. We stayed true to ourselves and our music, perfect or not, for whatever that is worth.”

If history is any guide, its going to be worth a lot: new audiences, new record sales, and a whole new path for Overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed’s CD release party for Forgot to Land is scheduled for August 4, 2006 at 10:00 pm at The 10 High (with a free copy available for ticket buyers). The CD will be available online at CDBABY.com and towerrecords.com; and digital downloads on iTunes, Rhapsody and others.