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The best kept secret in music


"History Watching OVERyou"

The year is 1952. I like to start here, because this is the year that people like Bill Haley started pioneering a genre of music called “rockabilly”. Many will argue about who the first rockers were, but I like to start right there.
A lot happens after that to begin shaping the face of rock and roll. Elvis does his first recordings just the next year, and that same Bill Haley and “His Comets” release “Rock Around the Clock” the year after that. Times were changing, and rock and roll was born.
Jump ahead to 1965. I choose this year next for two reasons. One, that it’s exactly thirteen years later, and two, because this was the year that garage bands started appearing all over the United States, especially in cities like Seattle and Detroit. Young adults everywhere are getting hooked on rock and roll, and figuring out that they can make it on their own. Bands like The Who are at the height of their popularity, and a band called John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers invent blues-rock. Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” becomes one of the first singles to be successful and be over three minutes in duration. Again, music is changing, and so are the people who are listening to it.
You guess it, I’d like to move forward another thirteen years. So the year is 1978. Yes, a lot has happened between 1978 and 1965, but it is this year that people like Gary Numan, and bands like The Human League pioneer the development of the New Wave and Synth Pop revolution that lasted through not only the remaining years of the 70’s, but also through most of the 80’s.
It’s 1991. You’re wearing a flannel. Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog are all wearing them too. Grunge rock is born. If you’re like me and lived in the Seattle area at the time, you’re often times running into them at The Dog House or Café Minnies, or any number of other long dead establishments around the city that have since gone the way of most grunge rock bands today.
So here we arrive at 2004, and you’ve already figured out the trend by now. It’s thirteen years later, and surely music is changing. But you ask, what’s the big change? Where is our new musical revolution? I don’t see anything! Well, I can assure you all, that change is coming, and it’s coming in the form of bands like OVERyou.
If your radio stations are changing anything like the ones in my region, you’ve surely noticed that they’ve stopped playing any new music. These days the newest music I am hearing is the Foo Fighters first release or R.E.M. It’s like a high school reunion with the bands I used to love so much. The people have spoken, and the radio stations are listening. All that’s left is for the record companies to find bands like OVERyou to release into the world and change the scene once more.
Bands like Over You are the latest in groups that are actually playing from their hearts, and playing with passion. You can hear it in every note of their new EP. Gone now are the days of pop rock and new metal that catered only to what was the latest craze on the radio. No one has been writing from their hearts for years now, but their thirteen year cycle is up, and bands like OVERyou are about to step up and move in.
So check out the new EP if you haven’t already and get yourself a taste for the next step in musical evolution.
- By Sean Morgan - http://www.46and2.net

"The Truth Is..."

Having worked at a radio station for 3 years, I am
exposed to music that critics and promoters say is
"the next hit" or "the next big thing". The truth is,
it all sounds the same. Music has become stagnant in
that there is nothing that is very interesting to the
ear anymore. My opinion on music has changed since I
stumbled across a La Crosse,WI band called OVERyou.
Finally, a band that combines truly interesting music
with outstanding vocal melody. After my first listen,
I can tell you to keep a close eye and ear on this
band. They are ready to explode!

Travis Thomley
AM1270 FM92.1
- Travis Thomley


EP - Release 2003 - "theSTEP"
1) #3 Coil
2) Message
3) Fault
4) If I Could
5) Nowhere Near
6) Glass Roach

Currently working on a full-length due for release in the summer of 2004...


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from LaCrosse, WI, OVERyou is at the forefront of the local scene's new rock wave. All veterans of the Midwest rock scene (Russ, Jason & James from WI's own LiquidSkin and Jeff & Mark of Minneapolis indie-rock outfit, Remover) OVERyou pound their stamp squarely into the thinking-man's rock realm with their first release, the six-song EP entitled "the STEP",
released on their own imprint label, L'America Records.

OVERyou blends a variety of music and styles into a huge melting pot of modern music, leaving no stone unturned. Haunting, hooky riffs; dark, hollow percussion; subtle, winding bass lines; mindful lyrics with deceptive, illusive harmonies; these are the phrases that describe OVERyou. The result
is progressive alt-rock caught dead in the crosshairs of Zeppelin, Tool, Foo Fighters, and Alice in Chains.

Much more than just an idea, OVERyou send out a point of hope for the future, a light along the rocks; an implication of music to come, a realistic measure, redefining the current appraisal of today's standards. This is your message.