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The best kept secret in music


"Excessive Enthusiasm uncovered in Murfreesboro, TN"

Four relatively young (I daresay) gentlemen- Dustin Sellers (singer/guitar/piano), Josh Gifford (bass), Brad Crittenden (guitar), Eric Hill (drums)- put on suits and ties and form a creative force which highly resembles emo-favourites Weezer...just without as much happy pop. Don't get me wrong, the pop is still there. Overzealous just barely misses the mark of falling entirely under the head-bopping, green-shirt-wearing emo label. "Dark Weezer" is the first thing in my head when I popped these guys in.

I was extremely impressed by the full-out, although obvious DIY, press kit they sent me. It included article print outs, a photo, their self-titled EP, and a remarkable .mpg EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the PC. The .mpg was well-made, very informative, gave a clear feel of the types of guys these cats are, and reiterated time and again their "overzealous" feelings towards music, and the need to be making it no matter what, when, or where...

The guys share influences, which include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Silverchair, Phantom Planet, Rooney, David Bowie, etc. These influences are highly audible, and help to neatly tie together their songs, despite the fact that they are each written by different members. Each band member is very active in the writing process, which gives each tune it's own character, yet the sound flows in the same vein.

They are very catchy, poppy, and have really good harmonies. I would even say that, despite how I don't listen to the radio anymore, they are radio material-though they would like for all to know that this does not mean they are cheesy. In fact, that's the furthest thing from my mind. Sometimes lyrics will come out and you will roll your eyes and be thankful that the song itself has just saved the band from that sour lyrical blunder. Luckily, Overzealous doesn't need the backup of the song to help them out. They are a well-rounded, good band. Period. And based on their EPK, I would be interested to meet the guys just to hang out for a drink or two, cos they seem like good guys. That's always a winning combo-great band + great guys = o.k. in my book!

Trivia: Overzealous starred in a 2004 indie documentary-type film called "Novem", which will hopefully make a debut at the Sundance Film Festival. The band also wrote and recorded most of the songs for the movie's soundtrack. The band plays a 70s band who gets killed in an accident, but their music gets discovered after they are gone, and it goes from there. You can check out the "Novem" songs at novemb.com
- Sugarbuzz Magazine


overzealous SELF TITLED- 2001
overzealous EP - 2003
Novem soundtrack- 2004
Turn To Clear Vision - 2005
Sony Sessions (unreleased 08)



overzealous began w/ members Dustin Sellers and Brad Crittenden in 2001 with the release of a complete full length album done entirely by the two founding members. Sellers provided drums, vocals, harmonies and guitar, while Crittenden offered songs, lead guitar, and bass on selective tunes. After migrating to the Nashville area overzealous became a 4 piece with the addition of a drummer and bassist.

The band gained momentum fairly quickly by winning a Battle of the Bands which lead to recording time and later a production deal with Wolf Studios in Nashville. Favorites from the first official release of the overzealous EP included, "Hannah," "Cool With You," "Gifted," and "One Day Lover."

The band continued to play shows around the south while gaining a fanbase and building a diverse catalog of material. Highlights from early shows include the Foothills Fall Festival where overzealous opened for acts like Emerson Drive, Vince Gill and Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees. overzealous was also invited to play the Midwest Music Summit at the Hard Rock Cafe in Indianapolis, IN.

Later, overzealous caught the eyes and ears of tv and movie producer Brad Kimmel of Bradley David productions. Kimmel liked the look and material of overzealous so much that he hired the band to perform 5 original songs for an independent film idea he had called Novem which released in 2005. overzealous also starred in the film: playing members of a 70's college band who tragically die in a van accident after a week of recording in the summer of 73'. The film has won several awards at indy film fests across the US.

Respect Award for Feature Film
- Aarhus Festival of Independant Arts, 2006

Jury Prize for Best American Independent Feature
- Sonoma Valley Film Festival, 2006

Audience Choice Award
- Beloit International Film Festival, 2006

Grand Jury Prize | Best Competition Feature
- Bethel Film Festival, 2005

Audience Choice Award
- Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, 2005

Audience Choice Award
- Phoenix Film Festival, 2005

Best Soundtrack Award - Phoenix Film Festival, 2005

Best Indiana Film - Indianapolis Film Festival, 2005

Special Jury Prize | Best Cast Performance
- Indianapolis Film Festival, 2005

Grand Jury Prize | Best Competition Feature
- Indianapolis Film Festival, 2005

overzealous has also had to face some unfortunate circumstances however. Crittenden was diagnosed with cancer and would have to leave the band for a period of time. Plus, original bass player Tim Adler was shipped off to fight the war in Iraq. Plus, Sellers and Crittenden had difficulties keeping permanent members with the same drive and ambition to make something happen in the music business.

The music from overzealous has always been the key to their success and potential. Regardless of all the ups and downs overzealous has been able to maintain a fanbase and continued to write many more songs to create a catalog of well over 100 original songs.

Currently the band has recorded another EP with producer Paul Hart. The EP was recorded at Sony on Music Row in Nashville over Christmas break 08'. overzealous will release the album in Spring/Summer 09' with a re-invented drive, and many tour dates to back it up.

overzealous has come full circle and back to its roots with the reins in the hands of founding members Sellers and Crittenden.