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Wait for me

Written By: David Laurence Long

She says wait for me
Underneath the willow tree
When the sunlight fades
Underneath the weeping flower
Will you wait for me?
Meet me there at half the hour
Did he wait? I don’t know.
Love Time passes slow.

He says I shall wait
Down behind the swinging gate
Beside the weeping willow tree
When the evening star is new
As the twilight fades
I will wait for you.
Did he wait? This we know:
Love time passes slow.

Near the weeping willow tree
He leans upon the swinging gate
Is that her or is she late?
Shadows stain the setting sun
He hears her call his name
As to his arms she runs

Fading light and shadows falling
Hand in hand they turn to go
Hear the night time voices calling
Time for going home.
Fire all aglow
Love time passes slow.
There’s a mist upon the meadow
Collar turned against the wind
And a Candle in the window;
Says It’s Time for goin’ in
Fire all aglow
Love time passes slow.