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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Welcome To Fabulous Sin City

So I got this CD, right, called Sin City/ O.V.M and its title “Gamble Your Life Away” says it all. This is a CD loaded with some good hip-hop, and steady backbeats, provided by DJ Sab Ill Finga. The triple mc is in effect at this moment in time with NODOZ, ALIAS, and SUNNY BLACK adding some intense lyrical content here. My personal favorites here are “Take Me Away” with a very cool chorus featuring Ann Palumbo and another Gem called “Thicker than Blood” that also features Ann Palumbo. These tunes stand out because of that great chorus line and cool backbeats and some intense lyrics. “Take Me Away” reminds me of loyalty and “Thicker Than Blood” is just about that. I always say that blood is thicker than water - know what I mean.... the music is very jazz influenced, which adds to the listening pleasure. This is definitely good for the earlobes
- Ace Duecey



"Now that i'm regularly hitting the radio circuit, I should bless you with a few sleepers that I'm killing on the air... Firstly, these cats out of Boston, OVM are getting a little burn on my show lately... "Little R&R," is my jam, banging Fakts-1 beat, solid lyrical performances make this one a must, very upbeat, keeps the mix moving."

Love, Hate, Respect, Confusion... GET AT THE KID

taken from
http://www.mvremix.com/urban/showcase/archives/antone-17.shtml - Ant One


O.V.M. - Dick Swing Anthem/Sunshine Days/Little R & R/O Is For...
Brick Records have brought us some of the best talent from Boston, such as Mr. Lif, 7L & Esoteric, Reks, Skitzofreniks and others. I'm sure the Original Vibe Monsters hope to follow the path of those artists, attaining success inside and outside of the Boston scene. Underground fans may recognize Alias from various Hip Hop battles and whatnot, but all three members of the group can hold their own. So let's see if they have what it takes to be Boston's next big thing.

"Dick Swing Anthem" is the lead track of the single, produced by Soul Searchers. Personally, it turned out to me my least favorite of the four, mostly due to the purposely cheesy singing on the hook. I think they were going for something catchier than it turned out to be. "Sunshine Days" is also produced by the Soul Searchers. The song is the classic ode to the days of their youth, when everything seemed so simple. It's one of those themes that just about everyone can relate to, Hip Hop fan or not. Fakts One laced the beats for the other two tracks, "O is For..." and "Little R & R." "O is For" lets us know what the O.V.M. stands for, the Original Vibe Monsters. Just straight battle raps showcasing the three solid MC's. While "Sunshine Days" is my favorite overall track, "Little R & R" features what I consider the best production. It's a little darker than the other ones, hence the terms "real" and "raw" in the hook.

O.V.M probably could have added another track or two and released this as an EP, but instead they gave Hip Hop fans a true value for a regular priced single. You may not have heard of the Original Vibe Monsters yet, but that's not due to any lack of talent. So far they're one of Boston's best kept secret, and within a year I think that'll change. "Dick Swing Anthem" isn't the best track in the world, but it's just a minor flaw considering there's three other dope tracks for you to enjoy. Check it out.

Score: 7.5/10

--Andy - ANDY



All songs have had radio play on 88.9 WERS and are available to stream at WWW.OVMHIPHOP.COM. Songs from DSA/LITTLE R&R SINGLE received international play and acclaim on underground and commercial charts.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Vibe
Emotionally charged soundtracks of life. Heart warming to gut wrenching, the lyrical content is directly focused to connect the listener to the universal vibe. The pioneers of this undiscovered form are OVM: A hip-hop trio whose devotion for music drives them to become most boundaries

The Origin
While Alias was becoming established in the Boston hip-hop scene, Nodoz and Sunny Black were making a name for themselves in Rhode Island with their group “Area 51.” In 1999 all three artists started to hear about each other through various people. Then, one night during an open Mic forum, they were introduced to each other and from that point became friends.

Not long after, Nodoz and Sunny Black started working out of the same local studio where Alias had been recording with the likes of well-known turntablist Fakts One. As time went on, Alias and Area 51 became inherently familiar with each other’s work. As the mutual respect grew, it became clear that these three MCs should join forces…hence, OVM was created. This family like bond of OVM continues to grow tighter with each day, both artistically and spiritually

Time Is Now…
Alias has competed and won various freestyle/battle competitions sponsored by international brands such as EA sports, Timberland, and Rawkus Records.

For the past three years OVM has been perfecting their stage presence by performing at various venues throughout New England and the entire US. In addition, OVM has been constantly writing and recording songs in order to captivate new listeners while satisfying their existing fan base.

OVM has since found themselves sharing the stage with such artists as Method Man, Funkmaster Flex, Black Sheep, Talib Kweli, The Sugar Hill Gang, and Eve.

At this point in time, OVM has an internationally distributed single containing 4 songs rather than the average 2 and receiving international acclaim from popular DJs.

Sold out record release parties for both SINGLE and EP and are the only hip hop act to ever do so at venue (Goodtimes in Somerville, MA cap. 500)

Hosted events, such as dance club nights and live performances, throughout the Northeast to maintain and build their proven following. (The Asylum (ME), Tantra (MA), Backstage (MA), Met Café (RI))

Appeared and performed at both commercial and non-commercial radio stations to (WERS Emerson College Radio (Boston), WJMN 94.5 (Boston), WFNX 101.7 (Boston))

Today the OVM fan base continues to grow due to the groups’ reputation of providing an entertaining/energetic production including guest musicians and vocalists.

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