Owen and Emilie

Owen and Emilie


Melodies that make you listen to how it feels to tell the world what it doesnt deserve time and time again. It makes you grateful for what you have. who knew a couple of 20-year-old guys could inspire such a mood?


From the depths of feeling, highs, lows, and anywhere in between. That is where this band began. The music is nothing more than an excuse to make people listen to the story behind it. Raised through crummy schools and social lifes, broken families and friends, every event of life can be heard behind the melodies that dont hesitate to capture both ends of the spectrum. sweetest softs to the heaviest hards, hoarse melodies and breathy proclamations stem from a vast amount of experiences dumped on youth. This is our story, this is what we've seen, this is how we continue to fight our way through life. self-taught and inspired, we want nothing more than to show what can be conquered with the strength inside of us all. the message is universal. everyone has been through alot. everyone can relate.


Owen and Emilie is currently working on the first album:
Ave, Ave! - 2009

Set List

Black Tar
No One Here Worth Meeting
I'm Happy You're Gone
Better Satellites
What's Important to You
Keep Chewing Your Hair
Ever So Eminent
Go F*ck Yourself
Everyone Can Relate
Let Them Be
All My Life

Sets are typically 40 Minutes to 1 hour.