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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Americana


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"South Carolina Song of the Year By David Stringer on Dec 14, 2009 in Current Events, Featured"

It is about that time to reflect back on 2009. In doing so, in the next couple of days we are going to choose what we think are the best moments from South Carolina music.

First off we have Song of the Year. This was an easy choice for us and apparently for most of our readers. When we asked around to find out what song you thought it should be, everyone said “Legs and Scars” by Tent Revival. My response to them, you are absolutely correct.

Just to confirm our choice of this song we went and saw Tent Revival Friday night and hands down this song has won everyone over. “Legs and Scars” is available for free to download on their Myspace Page.

What won us over? A perfect mix of heartbreak, vivid imagery and a powerful climax. From the first time we heard “Legs and Scars” we knew it was great and probably won’t be topped for a while. - SCENE SC

"The Inlaws : It's a relative thing Joel Hamilton and Owen Beverly join forces by T. Ballard Lesemann"

Just over a year ago, the City Paper published side-by-side reviews of new solo albums from Joel Hamilton and Owen Beverly — two of Charleston's most creative and diligent independent songwriters. The Charleston-raised Hamilton's stark and stripped-down collection Officina stood in stark contrast to the finely-polished, full-band style of his longtime group The Working Title. The Mississippi-bred Beverly's Shooting the Bull offered a more easily-categorized set of alt-country anthems and ballads. Both albums demonstrated heart, soul, and songwriting talent. The layout on the page foreshadowed something pretty cool.

Hamilton and Beverly have actually teamed up on stage before, but never as an authentic band with a specific name until recently. This week, they unveil solid documentation of recent musical brainstorming as they release a debut album under the name The InLaws. Local musicians Jack Burg, Benji Lee, John Satterfield, Sadler Vaden, and Timbre added additional tracks to the new album.

"Joel's house is called the Hamilton Hotel," Beverly says of the home studio facility. "It's a halfway house of sorts for wayfaring musicians. Usually, when there is a group of them around at one time, we con them into recording a track for the InLaws record. Most of the recordings were done full-band, live in the garage with a few mics placed randomly around the room. We would rehearse a song, move the mics around, and press record. The out-takes on the record are a good representation of how seriously we took it."

The songwriting duo welcomes a few musical guests and openers to the official album release party on Saturday evening at the newly-established Eye Level Art: 103.

"It's going to be very fun," says Hamilton of the gig. "The other two groups playing are fantastic. Ponderosa is from Atlanta, and Michael Trent is from right here. We are going to have art on display and for sale inspired by our new record from various artists around Charleston. We're gonna make music that'll have you stomping your feet uncontrollably ... until you don't have feet."

Beverly started out in his teens playing with a blues band in Mississippi before earning a music degree at CofC. His initial projects produced the solo Drunk Lover EP, which stunned the local scene in 2003 with its gutsy lyrical content and confident sultriness. Back and forth between the Lowcountry and Mississippi, he worked with a variety of local and national acts over the years as a hired sideman on tour, an assistant songwriter in the studio, and an extra at casual gigs with friends.

Hamilton's notoriety developed while fronting The Working Title — a solid band that almost achieved stardom. In 2004-'05, the group signed to Universal/Motown and released a major label debut titled About Face. Last winter, Hamilton told City Paper that his latest solo studio projects are a major step toward "having as much control as possible." It looks and sounds like he achieved it.

Hamilton describes the InLaws' sound as "kind of like indie Americana for misunderstood hippy hillbillies," adding, "We put the 'R' in rock music and replace it with the 'S' so it's sock music. If you aren't wearing socks, you might hurt your feet when we play."

While there might not be too many folks from the Appalachians at the Eye Level gig, there should be a few open-minded kids on hand who keep their eyes and ears out for new independent music. The "indie Americana" tag loosely fits the melodic, mildly morose style of some of the InLaws' early demos, but there's more to the music than simply a few chords, a country drum beat, and some noticeable twang in the vocals.

"We're very proud of the record and can't wait for everyone in the whole world to hear it," says Hamilton.
- Charleston City Paper

"Owen Beverly: Shooting The Bull"

link: http://www.hearsay.cc/sub_pages/reviews_interviews/12-07-03-09/albums4-owenbeverly.html

Review By Nicole Roberge

Owen Beverly’s music has recently evolved from progressive rock to alternative country. But all the while, it still has a sense of yearning and sensuality. Yes, he mixes blues and jazz with rock and country but overall, he’s a damn good songwriter, and this is evident on his latest release, Shooting the Bull. The disc starts out with “95,” a Southern rock tune about loss and hardship. “It was sad, oh but true, you’ll remember the people, the people you used,” he sings. “We both agreed that there’d be no more tears. Don’t send letters, I’ve burned them for years.”

“December” is gorgeous — a piano-driven song that glides in to mix with guitars, and laments of a relationship lost, and all the memories that come with it. “Living in Fear” displays a bit more of Beverly’s rock side and features strong vocals. “All You Know” is candid and heroic, bringing out more of his country flair. “Come Rain, Come Shine” is the album’s real highlight, displaying both Beverly’s vocals and songwriting ability. Its melodic tone carries the song, but the story carries it further. He sings about the West Coast and making his way out. Beverly writes about the journey like no one else. So many have traveled this journey, but he describes exactly how it really feels. - Hear/ Say

"Shooting The Bull"

Roving songwriter Owen Beverly veers away from his indie-styled roots/pop of previous efforts on this rich, big-room, gutsy collection of alt-country anthems and ballads. Known for his local collaborations with members of The Working Title, Slow Runner, Cary Ann Hearst's band, and Jump, Little Children — and for his songwriting exploits with Steve Fiore, I-Nine, and Leslie — Beverly sounds like he's worked out some important answers of his own on the carefully-arranged Shooting the Bull.

The Mississippi native worked with producer David Rolfe on the twangy 11-song collection. The blend of loud-crack drum sounds, acoustic/electric guitars, piano, and pedal steel reminds us of John Mellencamp's early "Cougar" material (with ace producer Scott Litt), and Steve Earle (post-Copperhead Road). Slow-rolling lead-off track "All You Know" and folky anthem "Dixie" feature some of Beverly's most emotive singing ever. (www.myspace.com/owenbeverly). —T. Ballard Lesemann. - Charleston City Paper

"Owen Beverly: Shooting The Bull"

Owen Beverly is a singer/songwriter hailing from Jackson, Miss. He received some acclaim for the “Drunk Lover” single that was featured on HBO’s Entourage. That level of exposure can be a dream, and yet a nightmare — the challenge being, how do you follow that up?

Beverly didn’t have an immediate answer to that question. He took a brief sabbatical to paint and help hurricane victims rebuild their homes. While traveling, Beverly was inspired to write music. He decided to create an alternative country album instead: Shooting the Bull. Its nine tracks are akin to the work of Son Volt, The Jayhawks and Pete Yorn with true-to-life stories about the trials of relationships that are delivered on an album with intimate studio session quality.

“Come Rain” and “Ruined” have the strongest introductions to hook a listener. “Living in Fear” is about on-again, off-again love relationship and how both people feel the expectations of those around them. “Living in Fear” and “95” feature uncredited female backing vocals by Charleston’s own Cary Ann Hearst, along with piano, organ and drums that crescendo.

In a recent interview, Beverly confessed he’s “a hypocrite” for switching genres. The statement may be a bit harsh; fans are still getting to know him, and Beverly isn’t making an eccentric Garth Brooks-to-Chris Gaines transformation. By trying this particular genre, it further showcases his songwriting ability that has already garnered the attention of fellow singer/songwriters and equal skill in arrangements. Sometimes following an impulse is the most brilliant move a person can make. (Self-released) - Performer Mag.com

"Owen Beverly: The Drunk Lover Ep"

21 year old Owen Beverly is not your typical singer/songwriter,he?s more of an artist leaving you wanting more after you have heard his 6 track EP "The drunk lover"!
His voice is unique and also his way of singing that could make you take a step back the first time you hear it,quite odd but he sounds experienced by the way he sings and I?m impressed with the feeling he puts into the songs.
The first song is the title track that is the most rocking of them all with some cool slide guitars and *up and down* melodies that I would like to call it.
On the 2nd track he leans on a more acoustic based countryside rock,it?s called "Absalom" and feels like a car drive on a desert road.
"For Mia" feels like a very personal song for Owen and I just have to stop for a minute writing this review and only just listen to the warmth of the song!
One thing that makes Owen?s music so special is his odd harmony changes,one moment you sit back relaxed enjoying the calm and the next.....waken up by the totally crazy harmonies but how I love it!!!!
The 4th song "Levenway" is an uptempo track but also a very melancholy song,I?m beginning to like it a lot.
Then we have the most outstanding track on the EP namely "Inside" that starts with a cool acoustic verse just to grow into a real powerful rocker on the chorus with an astonishing melody.
I almost feel a little pity for the last song "Love on your own terms" that I never get about to hear since I only want to listen to "Inside" over and over again.
Special songs indeed.

- Mekodic.net


The Drunk Lover EP (2004)
Shooting The Bull (2007)
The InLaws, I Am The Black Woman (2009)
Tent Revival EP (2010)

"Drunk Lover" featured in teaser for Entourage on HBO and "Flight Of The Concords; Season One" DVD. (2008)
"Legs and Scars" awarded Song Of The Year by college radio website Scene SC. (2009)



One benefit of growing up in Mississippi is learning to tell a good story; another is being exposed to a lot of good music. Native Mississippian Owen Beverly pulls the influences of Blues, Gospel, Country music and Elvis into a modern sound that is all his own.

From the hard rock of his 2003 debut The Drunk Lover EP, to the garage americana of The Inlaws, the common thread between Owen Beverly's music is built on the ballad -- a good story woven into music that amplifies and intensifies it. The music is at once soulful and gutsy, tuneful and poetic.

Owen Beverly was playing guitar professionally for a Mississippi Blues band while he was still in high school. He came to Charleston, South Carolina, on a music scholarship and got his degree in classical composition and theory in three years -- all the while writing music and playing in local clubs.
After a hiatus spent painting and repairing houses back home in Mississippi, Owen Beverly now lives in Bushwick, New York where he is an actively sought-out co-writer with such emerging bands and artists as Leslie, Oh Land, Cary Ann Hearst and Steven Fiore to name a few. He is currently recording demos for a forthcoming album and playing residencies in New York City and Brooklyn.