Owen Claire

Owen Claire

 Cumming, Georgia, USA

an enjoyable fusion of radio-friendly pop, with a dash of jazz and a whole lot of soul.

Stir in some southern charm, great stage presence, and a compassionate nature and you'll see that you're in for a fresh treat!


Whether it's singing or acting, Owen Claire is perfectly at ease on stage in front of a large crowd. Her theatre background has enabled her to relax, improv, and engage the audience. An unassuming girl with great comedic timing, Owen is typically cast in the funny role!

Recent performances have included:

* The Genie in Aladdin (Award-winner; Nat’l. Performing Arts Festival – Orlando, Florida 2011)
* Kelsi Nielsen - Vickery Creek Middle School, 2011
* The Sour Kangaroo in Seussical (Award-winner; Nat’l. Performing Arts Festival – Orlando, Florida 2010)
* Mary Sue Betty Bob in Dear Edwina (Award-winner; MTI's Junior Theatre Festival 2009)
and many, many more...

Owen has also recently explored some Voiceover work, including:
* TV PSA – “Ashes”; V/O; Allintoclearair.com – PSA for TV (The Zimmerman Agency)
* A Smile and a Ribbon; “Speakeasy” by Steve Carey (CD/iTunes)

Skills and Highlights:
* Dancer: Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet Technique, Broadway Jazz
* Very Limber & Flexible
* Loves doing Choreography
* Gifted Vocalist with Great Ears
* Talented Songwriter
* Keeps a Journal of Her Stories and Songs
* Creative
* Funny
* Compassionate
* Loves Animals
* Adapts Easily
* Quick Study
* Takes Direction Well
* Very Mature and Well-Behaved on Set
* Valid Passport
* Georgia’s Talented and Gifted Program (Horizons)

Agency Representation: None