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The Most Stunning Scene (Kiss Me Once)

Written By: Owen Michael Gribbin

“The Most Stunning Scene (Kiss Me Once)”

Kiss me once, You’re Beautiful, the moon is shining, you’re the most stunning scene.
Kiss me once, You’re Beautiful, look deep inside me, tell me all your dreams.

I swear I’ve seen you, I swear I knew you, I swear I’ve heard you, I’ve heard both your names.
And somewhere far away there was this place we stayed until here and now, welcome back my Queen.
And you may never know, how my heart grows, and you may never know, what has made me this.
The point’s inside all this, the point’s beyond all this, the point’s I’m serious, I’ve searched my life for this.

Can you imagine this? Can you imagine this?
Free from all of this? Free from all of this?
Only Love exists. Only Love exists.
Nothing but God exists, only God in this.

Can you imagine, all of this?
And we’re a part of this, you have my heart in this,
And we believe in this, and He believes in this.

So Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Once,
You’re Beautiful,
You’re here beside me, You’re the most stunning scene.

Lyrics By
Owen Michael Gribbin