owensring crafts passionate, transcendent songs and hides them cleverly within pop frameworks so that while your heart is soaring and breaking, you're still reaching for the volume knob on your radio. it's time to make the mainstream matter again.


On its 2001 debut album "slow," owensring took indie rock and infused it with a feeling and purpose missing from an increasingly homogenized rock scene. Through the album and an amazing, visceral live show, the band developed an extensive network of friends and fans of all musical tastes, and were consistently told the same thing: people believed in the music.
In 2004 owensring returns with its best songs to date, pouring all of the passion and transcendence of "slow" into a more accessible mold.
"The radio climate for rock bands right now is dicey," says singer Robert Melvin. "We wanted to challenge ourselves to write songs that still felt genuine to us but that would be accepted in a very singles-driven radio scene."
owensring believes the mainstream is ready for meaningful, powerful anthemic pop again. Real songs. Real, unpackaged emotion. Soaring, awe-inspiring vocals and ringing guitars. Sound familiar? Hope so.
"We're ecstatic about these new songs," Melvin says. He adds, laughing, "I think our U2 obsession has survived the songwriting shift intact. We're just aiming at The Joshua Tree now instead of The Unforgettable Fire."
Melody. Passion. Instantly memorable songs and a blistering live show to back them up. This is just the beginning.

owensring. it's time.


NEW 3-song demo (copyright 2004)

WXDX Pittsburgh X-Files Compilation: "Fade Nineteen" (2002)

Millennium Music Conference 6 Compilation: "The Tyranny" (2002)

slow (LP)
(delicate music, copyright 2001)

Set List

owensring has been furiously writing new material for over a year now, so set lists have been quite varied. Here's a current look at our favorites for march/april 2004:

Watching You Go
Open Your Eyes
Here, I'm Done
Right Now, Everything Is Perfect
Not Long Now
I Am Gravity