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Owl People

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"Owl People"

Owl People
By Stephen Wagner, About.com
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This incident took place in the summer of 2001. My boyfriend and I were really going through some tough financial times, as I had just come back to my hometown, San Diego, California. We were in between places and had to reside in our van because of our circumstances. Michael and I were at "the spot" -- the place we would park for the night in order not to get harassed by the cops.

As he and I sat there talking and relaxing with a couple of beers, we both looked out the side of my passenger window, and to our surprise we saw a couple of entities. They were approximately six feet tall and had massive eyes. To this day we refer to them as the "owl people."

After that occurred, we went through a couple of weeks where he and I were really connected psychically. We could practically read one another's minds and very strange things happened. To this day, we don't what they were or what they wanted from us, but needless to say it was very bizarre. - About.com

"Owl People"

Owl People is a four-piece experimental rock band from Lawrence featuring Mark Buckman, Tom Bomstad, Brett Grady, and Curt Yazza (the latter two also play in Cloud Dog). The group's druggy sound is an avant-jam concoction that vaguely sounds like someone screaming beneath a staircase while rocking out to Helios Creed.
- Lawrence.com


Tribes EP



Owl People came together in April of '09 in Lawrence, Kansas. Brett was living in the laundry room at the time. "Best thing that broad ever did," said no one in particular. After a stormy story, Curt went abroad for family. Brett got his own room. Mark got a new girlfriend. They played for two years before Tom rode in on a beat-up black SG. Curt returned. Currently they're four ghosts patiently waiting.