Perth, Western Australia, AUS

OWLS perform music, mostly at night.

OWLS includes a girl (Jill Latham), a boy (Chris Watts), a guitar, keyboards, and a single drum.

OWLS sing songs of love, missed opportunities, tragedy and triumph.

---Nestled together, we can brave any weather---


OWLS is a new collaboration between artists Jill Latham and Chris Watts.

Since forming in late 2010, OWLS have performed to friendly crowds at Perth venues such as The Swan Lounge, Paddington Ale House and Manhattan's.

A live OWL performance usually involves Jill and Chris performing using a range of instruments - guitars, keyboards and usually a single drum. However the emerging sound of OWLS includes the duo turning to banjos, glockenspiels, and vintage keyboards to create a more complete experience.

As OWLS evolves more musicians may join this project ... stay tuned as OWLS has only just begun ...