This brand of music is an intoxicant,always propels you to rock and wiggle.Deep rooted in African culture , with message of peace and hope in Christ.


In this age of globalization, there is perhaps no other medium that communicates moods,emotions,and the universal human quest for expressiveness better than music. At one time or another,we have all come under the spell of music, regardless of our favorite genre.The universality of music as an expressive idiom allows us---challenges us, indeed--- to acknowledge its power and individualize its mesmerizing enchantment. How many times have we all swayed to the melodious waft of music,especially the brand that has etched its melody in our memory? How many times have we struggled to shake songs or rhythms that are suddenly stuck in our memory,forcing us to hum, ho, and even gyrate at some impossible places: the mall, in traffic as we drive,an in the shower! such is the power of owoshine's music. And what makes it compelling is that ,ragardless of wether or not you understand the lyrics, there is always a piece in owoshine's music that propels you to rock, wiggle, and snap.Shina owolabi's genre---the Afro gospel juju dance music has its root in a brand called "O WA NBE'(it is there) from his Yoruba ancestry in the southwestern part of Nigeria. With owoshine rhythms,you can visualize a situation where a dancing couple is "lost" zoned out in a happy world,and seduced by indescribable musical sensations that marshal the body to respond. Since arriving in the U.S. about a decade ago, Owoshine (Shina Owolabi) has established himself as a dedicated ambassador of a genre that uses variety of instruments to preach joy and peace. With his African morning star band,he has featured in important cultural events and festivals in places like Chicago,Atlanta,minnesota,Maryland,St.loius,New york,Wisconsin, to mention just a few.



Set List

mwg,bamijo, afefe ayo, Lese lewi, yio dayo,
nigeria eseere,na you be oga,Ese, Hallelujah any how,e.t.c. typical list is 60 to 80 minutes.