Portland, Oregon, USA

Pink Floyd + The Sword meets Muse and Queens of the Stone Age


Oxcart - Portland, OR rock

Channeling Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, and Muse into their own psychedelic rock witches' brew, Portland Oregon's Oxcart comes soaring from the depths of the Pacific Northwest.

Oxcart has released 3 studio albums to date, 2005's Sasquatch?, 2008's The Equation, and 2011's Beekeeper Constellation. The band has played hundreds of shows toured tirelessly throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 5 years. Additionally, Oxcart has received wide ranging FM and internet airplay and been reviewed locally, regionally, and nationally including being selected as Independisc records' 2009 album of the year. Highlights of Oxcart's 2008-2010 support for The Equation include opening slots for The Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Zepperella, amongst many other shows.

Oxcart's latest album, Beekeeper Constellation, picks up where their 2008 release The Equation left off, weaving an intricate array of careful songwriting into the band's heaviest and most mind bending work yet.



Written By: Oxcart

Everything’s broken, nothing ever stays the same
Raise your hand softly, chalk it up, pass the blame
I wish I felt a thing when confronted by you bleeding hearts
I wish I had a place in heaven if I did my part

I wish my mamma taught me all the things I didn’t learn
I wish I’d give away all the things in life I have earned
If I took the time to look you in the depths of your eyes
I wish you wouldn’t see everything that I wish to hide

I don’t know why
I have done it
All the things I ever wanted
If I live till I’m a hundred
Life is strange and I’m part of it

All the numbers line up straight across my bank account
I wish I had a way to turn it off, let it out
If everything’s broken and nothing ever stays the same
I wish I had an angel’s voice to guide me through the game

I wish I could believe all the best things in life are free
Every time I think that , I hear a little voice in me
Don’t believe a word, in the end, everyone’s to blame
If everything’s broken, and nothing ever stays the same

Everything is so confusing
Everything is so amusing
All your words have left me shaken
Wondering if I'm mistaken


'Beekeeper Constellation' - 2011
'The Equation' - 2008
'Sasquatch' - 2005

Set List

typical - 1hr; can adapt to as short as 30 minutes or multiple long sets