Oxen Talk

Oxen Talk


Oxen Talk hark back to an era of old time music, when life was simple and meaningful. These multi-instrumentalists will educate your heart with their wit, charm, and fair manners.


Oxen talk is an urban folk / doo-wop trio which combines layers of harmonies with a wide variety of instruments; the guitar, piano, banjo, cello, violin, trumpet, clarinet, french horn, pots, pans and the bombard all find themselves intermingled and in-use despite the numerical improbabilities. Onstage, wonderful harmonies occur which transport the audience to a wonderful kind of spiritual stillness, where oxen talk in your heart. Oxen Talk appropriates all of the most devastating gems of childhood literature, and reinvents them with an archaic and circus-like method of self-amplification. Think of your top three favourite bands ever. Got them? Now combine them somehow in your head. That is sort of what Oxen Talk is.



Arbutus - "Spring 2009 Sampler" (2009)