That's What You Get (T.W.Y.G.)

That's What You Get (T.W.Y.G.)

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

If Pat Benatar and Joey Ramone were cloned & their Love-clones were sent back in time to be raised in central american forced-labor factories before escaping & meeting Bob Dylan while he was still pissed and playing coffee houses in MN in the early 60's, this band could be the result; raucous duets


Get Ready!! TWYG LP #3 is set for
Feb 2010 National Release & Radio Promotion.

Title: Domestic Blister
**Mixed by Big Business guitarist, Toshi Kasai(Melvins, Jello Biafra)

Currently, TWYG's madcap pop concoctions continue to flow from this Minneapolis married duo, Dawn and Mike, like expensive champagne and Grain Belt Premium beer. No spring chickens, we take from old school 1977 punk rock and add a flair of goth and new-wave with all the posturing and none of the arrogance.

TWYG has performed w/midwest bands Black Eyed Snakes & Gospel Gossip and singer Dawn Sauvignon has sung Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald w/Minneapolis rockers, the Jayhawks.

Aside from a deep textural sound and original songs, the experienced musicians currently playing in TWYG are a hydra of Minneapolis anecdotal-local-rock-history going back to the early 1980's; intriguing.


>LP #3: title:Domestic Blister
**Mixed by Toshi Kasai(guitarist for Big Business/Producer of Melvins/Jello Biafra)
SET FOR FEBRUARY 2010 Release date/National radio promotion

>LP #2: title: Oxycontinent (2005 release)
**Mixed by Scott Campbell(No Doubt/Dave Matthews) & Toshi Kasai(Big Business, Melvins & Jello Biafra)
National radio promotion(Tinderbox)
*Airplay note: #15 LP in Seattle ahead of Pearl Jam
>Singles=FullOn Wizard Bong + Brittany Spears Goth Married Tonight

>LP #1: title: That's What You Get (2003 release)
**Produced/Mixed by Scott Campbell(No Doubt/Dave Matthews)
National radio promotion(Tinderbox)
*Airplay note: #1 LP in Girdwood, AK(among others)
LP singles=Breakfast Burrito + Gas Pump Girl

**All music available at CD Baby, Itunes and @

Set List

TWYG sets change everytime picking from about 65 original songs. We always play the favorites or requests. Covers by the AVENGERS and Neil Young but can attempt anything as we are true fans of music and know at least part of every song ever written.