Dayton, Ohio, USA

Oxymoronatron?s live show consists of multimedia explosion of digital sound and quality that consists of visual imagery in their videos and a hand full of gadgets and real music playing robots. But Oxymoronatron is not only about what they have on stage, but how they present themselves at a show.


Oxymoronatron is a cyberpunk band that consists of techno music w/ an influence of punk. Oxymoronatron is not only about the music, but it is about the presentation. Influenced with "80's nostalgia theme", Cartoon Network, and pop culture, Oxymoronatron's show is what sets them apart from the masses. Their show consists of two homemade arcade machine, which shows video and skits that go with the music, and real music playing Robots (drum robot, the DJ robot, Bass Robot, and a singing wall of fishes). Did we forget to mention that they are here to save the world against the Evil, Mad Robots.......


Cds; Demo .001 (1999), Demo .0001(2001),Untitled(2004)
Dvd; Robots Gone Wild (2004)
Radio Airplay: 97X (97.7 FM)"Grand Theft Auto" and "Cartoon Network"
103.9X (103.9 FM)"Grand Theft Auto" and "Cartoon Network"

Set List

Action Hank,
Hell Ya,
Dance Dance Revolution,
30 lives,
Nerd Alert,
knight Rider,
F the French,
21st Centry Robot Love,
Grand Theft,
Cartoon Network,
Crotch Sneese,
Prappa the Rappa,
Rabid Beaver Attack