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on MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog. Written and produced by Oxymorrons and White Indian, Alone is the first single from the band’s forthcoming EP, “4 Fun & Games,” due out later on this summer.

Written in honor of a friend who committed suicide, Alone is 100% pure, unfiltered honesty about pushing through a time when you feel there’s no one you can to turn to for help. The video, directed by Jasmin Williams, niece of the legendary director Hype Williams, illustrates the heavy emotional content while staying true to the bands platform of positivity. When asked about what went into making the video, Jasmin explains,

“Me and these guys have known each other for years, so when the timing was right and the opportunity presented itself, it was a quick and easy yes; no hesitation. We went a completely different route for this video than I think their fans are used to. I really wanted to expose a side of the Oxys that the song reveals; I just wanted to match the intensity of the song visually.”
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“We are all different—different families, different thoughts and different experiences. The one thing we all have [in common] is our feelings," explains Queens-based duo Oxymorrons, who have been sweeping the nation with their eclectic blend of hip-hop, pop, R&B and raw emotion.

The pair speak to this commonality in their new single "Alone," which we're excited to be exclusively premiering today. Written and produced by Oxymorrons and White Indian, the track rides on moody hip-hop melodies and an incredible fusion of electronic elements and dark, thudding beats. When mixing and mastering the tune, Giancarlo Lino & Michael Bozzi took care to capture its inherent darkness and vulnerability, while highlighting the unique instrumental backdrop that speaks to the duo's penchant for melding genres and moods in unconventional ways.

"At some point in our lives we've all felt alone—from the drifter that sits in the back of the classroom, to the high-end super model that has an expensive apartment in the city," the duo continue. "While we were writing the song we wanted to express our deepest inner emotions—open up about the real things we go through [in a way] we've never done before. 100 percent pure, unfiltered honesty.”

With a message both inspiring and relatable, and a sound both versatile and accessible, it's no wonder this outfit has been garnering attention and support from heavyweights like Gym Class Heroes, Jay-Z and more!

Enjoy the track's world premiere right here, and get ready for their new full-length, For Fun & Games, to drop later this year! - PURE VOLUME


Meet Oxymorrons. (It's misspelled intentionally, so just turn your spell-checker off and DEAL!) They're two Queens-bred hip-hop-loving bros (yep, they're literally brothers) named D and K.I. who have been slaying the "Klasher Music" game since they joined forces in 2009. (FYI, "Klasher" is the boys' self-proclaimed genre, and while there's no technical definition, we're just calling it "awesome.") Anyway, a lot's happened since D and K.I.'s official musical union -- they recruited two more band members, Omar Hernandez on the decks and Matt Mayz on the drums, they've opened for Lupe Fiasco, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Ke$ha, Rihanna, and Neon Hitch (WE KNOW), become BFFs with Travis McCoy, AND teamed with Jay-Z's Artful Dodger to release their mixtape STFU and Listen. Oh, and remember Wynter Gordon's infectious 2012 single "TKO"? Yeah, well, that ish was cowritten by (and featured) Oxymorrons. And now that we've given them a proper intro, we are straight REVVED to bring you Oxymorrons' brand-new video for "Alone."

Watch Oxymorrons' "Alone" video after the jump.

Directed by Jasmine Williams (she's the niece of legendary video director Hype Williams), "Alone" features a very dapper D spitting rhymes, well, ALONE in a room while Matt Mayz goes HAM on the percussion. Not much happens in terms of plot, but a plotless video seems like the point: to create an interesting yet bare-bones canvas on which the boys can unleash their melancholic verse: "I have no purpose.../ tell me what I'm living for." Are we feeling a little sad after watching "Alone"? Maybe just a smidge, but would you just LOOK at D and K.I.'s faces in the above photo? Do those guys LOOK alone and sad to you? No, they don't! (In fact, they kinda look like the dopest BFF duo ever, so ermmm, yeah, call me guys! I've been wanting to add a brother duo to my group of friends!)

Look out for Oxymorron's forthcoming album, For Fun & Games, expected to drop sometime this year. - MTV Buzzworthy

"Meet The Oxymorrons pt.1"

Meet the Oxymorrons the young music Gurus that claim Clasher Music as their genre of choice and truly dare to be different. These guys carry a very strong positive energy with them and you can tell by the way that they work together just in everyday casual convorsation that that they are unstopable. They have recently made some great accomplishments. You will get to know them in two parts. You are now viewing A day in the Oxymorrons part one. - ROQ Magazine


If you feel it’s been too long since a group shot toward stardom, the Oxymorrons will fill your sonic void by the pairing of a distinct sound with statement-making style. The trio’s ascent, like that of N.E.R.D. and Outkast before them, signals the return of a major musical moment. Fresh off a tour with fellow iconoclasts Lupe Fiasco and Travie McCoy, where their signature Klasher Music (a “sounds good, feels good” jambalaya of hip-hop, rock, R&B, and even classical), the boys of Oxymorrons, Ony, K.I., D, and Mr. Hernandez converted masses of music heads into true believers. Honey sat down with the Oxymorrons to discuss the meaning behind the name and upcoming projects. - Honey Magazine


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What would you consider the Oxymorrons? Imagine Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys had a musical love child, which was raised by Chuck Norris and went to school with Rob Zombie. They are nothing like that. In a cookie cutter fad educed world of hip-hop, the Oxymorrons are breaking the mold on a daily basis. The dynamic K.I , Deee , Mr. Hernandez and Matty Mayz create playful thought provoking melodies that define an era of cool people that aren’t afraid to embrace their inner “GEEK”. These Queens bred brothers are not your typical hip-hop group. These skate boarding, video game playing, comic reading, fart joke making, rager cool kids, are not afraid to be themselves. Writing and producing/co-producing their own music, the Oxymorrons are dopeness personified.

Oxymorrons’ music and dedication to the fans cultivated their Geek Life movement; forming an eclectic, supportive family of underdogs determined to prevail despite all odds. The group continued gaining momentum by playing various shows around New York City, finally catching their first big break opening for Lupe Fiasco. The fellas continued to make music and play shows, leading them to the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX where they met and developed a strong friendship with Travis McCoy and Gym Class Heroes. The Oxymorrons connected with Jay-Z's company, Artful Dodger to release their mixtape, "STFU and Listen". The project had two successful release events; one held at the Roc A Wear showroom in Manhattan hosted by Sway Calloway of MTV and the other in Los Angeles hosted by DJ Skee.

In the winter 2012, the Oxymorrons toured with the Gym Class Heroes. Shortly after, the group dominated the Afro-Punk battle of the bands and won the chance to play the Afro-Punk Fest in summer 2012. Most recently, the Oxymorrons co-wrote and lent their clever rhymes to Wynter Gordon’s smash dance hit “TKO” and partnered with PureVolume for the world-premiere of their new single “Alone” and also premiered the Video for the Sing Alone On MTV Buzzworthy. They have shared the stage with chart-toping and buzz-worthy acts like Gym Class Heroes, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Ke$ha, Das Racist, Yelawolf, Bad Rabbits, Rihanna, Neon Hitch, and more.

Like spicy ice cream the Oxymorrons are not what you’ve ever encountered. Hell the movie 300 was based on their days in pre-school. They get drunk of cologne and make gold chains out of the Undertaker’s urn. They are the Bow Tie Tag team! They are the Oxymorrons!