Oxytocin fuses math rock, grunge, indie rock, stadium rock, jamming, and meditatively quiet harmony into infectious pop songs that sound both radically new and heart-warmingly familiar.


What the hell is Oxytocin?!
Named after the “love hormone” responsible for various aspects of the birth process, emotional bonding, and sexual arousal, the NYC-based power trio Oxytocin fuses ingredients from grunge, jam bands, math and stadium rock into a potent post-90’s concoction. Formed in 1999 by lead singer-guitarist-songwriter Eric Hirsch, Oxytocin’s musical vision is broad: they combine elements of rhythmic and harmonic complexity with well-crafted, catchy rock songs. And Hirsch, fire-eyed bassist Phil Weitzman and raging drummer Jeff Curtin are just as likely to bust out with the occasional sweet-as-honey three part harmony as they are to scream their heads off; as likely to drop to a whisper’s volume as to turn on stadium-sized afterburners. The final result is music that is adventurous yet somehow familiar, and always infused with a fierce amount of groove and passion: a band that lives up to the promise of its name.



Written By: Eric Hirsch

oh oh
is it going to happen
oh oh
do you know what i'm asking
oh oh
when the wind blows backwards
oh oh
and we fall down laughing
at all the wasted hours we spent
covering our eyes

oh oh
lost in sudden silence
oh oh
coalesce beside us
oh oh
with the sky imploding
oh oh
we'll be sure that nothing
stands between us now and all the
loves we sighed

the fire is softly saying that all our waiting is over
follow the sound
of whispered words borne on the wind and you'll be there
right in the heart
of what we always knew would arise to protect us
(find your way into a day where all you do is helping you; all that noise has finally been destroyed)
watching delighted
as all the secrets unearthly and forgotten

they emerge to greet the light
wistful and benign
and to lead us back to life
and out of all the horror that we knew before the

oh oh
is it going to happen
oh oh
is the world collapsing
oh oh
do these eyes still open
oh oh
or is all this hoping
destined to dissolve into the night


Love It (2004, self-released LP)

Set List

1 hour-and-a-half set or 2 45-minute sets.

Original Songs:
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