Oystein Sjolie

Oystein Sjolie


I used to play and sing in the legendary Norwegian gothband "Eternal Joy", but since we disbanded in 2003 I have played on my own. As a solo-musician my music is slightly more poprock. Most of my material is quite melancholic, but some of my songs are very fresh and catchy.


Started playing guitar when I was 10 years old. Written songs ever since. Played in various local bands in Hamar from age 16-17, before I moved to Oslo and started Eternal Joy in 1994. I've been writing songs on my own all the way. Since 2003 I've not been in any band. Moved back to my native town Hamar the summer of 2007.
My main influences must be The Cure, U2, Alarm, The Mission (UK), Depeche Mode, Kent and Radiohead.



Written By: Oystein Sjolie


In the spring, it is blooming everywhere
Everything is so fresh and green and fair
In the sun, any problem seems to fly
You’re all dreaming, and so am I

Cause the spring is revealing everything
Winter’s sins, forcibly reappearing
I close my ears as the dustbins start to cry
You’re not dreaming, neither am I

Waste all over town (springtime)
All over town (springtime)

In the spring, every aspect comes to life
Dandelions and plastic bags grow side by side
In the sun, every scumbag seems to smile
You’re all dreaming, and so am I

Cause the snow was gently hiding everything
Down below, there’s waste rehearsing for the spring
It’s as clean, as the Norwegian state of mind
You’re all lying, and so am I

Waste all over town (springtime)
All over town (springtime)


Written By: Oystein Sjolie

I met her laughing in the rain
painting a picture in the pouring vain
The colours run into a blur
Each new amendment’s just confusing her

I caught her lost without a map
trying to find a bridge across the gap
between her future and her past
to find the bonds that would forever last

Where are you, where’s everyone
Where are you, you can’t be gone

Where are you, where is everyone
Where are you, you can’t all be gone

Once she succeded with her show
that great achievement she was dreaming of
But there was no one there to see
No one to recognize her history

Who are you

Written By: Oystein Sjolie

You came so suddenly
and changed my world all over
An independent entity
that looks a bit like me
A strange new way to feel
A strange new kind of lover
It’s hard to believe that you are real

So tell me who are you
You can’t be true
But one thing I can see
is that you’re here with me
You are here with me

Perhaps it’s just a dream
Perhaps this is just fiction
Cause no one can be this wonderful
and so impossible
I love it when you scream out loud
and that’s a contradiction
it’s crazy what you do to me

So tell me who are you…


Too privileged to be sad (December 2006)
Happy bubble (2002)
Antiparty-music (1999)
To be or not to be (1997)
And the life goes on (1996)
Intermediate (1995)
Life Crises (1994)
Dresed in black (1992)

Albums with Eternal Joy:
The final chapter (2003)
Afterglow (1999)
Arrogance and charm (1998)
Eternal Joy (1997)

Albums with General Hawken:
Nice surprise (2001)
Back when we were young (1996)

Some songs can be streamed at garageband.com and isound.com as well as my homepage home.broadpark.no/~sjolie/oystein/musician.html

Set List

I don't play live for the time being, but as soon as I find a band that will play my songs....
Typical sets in Eternal Joy would last about an hour