oyster monster

oyster monster

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Indie rock music, electronic... everything in fact, but we rather come from sonic youth, nirvana, pavement and early cat power...


Young artist and musician, John C.Judd has developed an indie rock, crunchy, popy, noisy, weird, or even sparkling tragique. playing between his lo-fi recording homemade and boundless energy to the stage. John C.Judd is definitely an artist to see live and listen to either. Released Fine Arts (Villa Arson in Nice in 2007) he remains active in the art scene and saw between Nice and Berlin, he also came in residence to Reykjavik in Iceland last winter where he met the icelandic band "Sudden weather change", became friends and recorded in their studio;
His band name is "Oyster Monster", but he also plays solo under the name of john C.Judd (And The Vampire)... Jonathan Cejudo whose real name has appeared in various projects as "Princess cum", " Tapenga", or most famous, "Mum and Son" (with his mother) and more recently became the drummer of "Jimmy trash band" in Berlin...

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