Oyvind Svele

Oyvind Svele


You might hear inspiration from Neil Young here and there, but this is true song craft that contains some excellent pearls!


Øyvind Svele is a talented musician and photographer from Norway. Internationally Øyvind is well known for his outstanding work as a music photographer, not to say at least his photography collaboration with the legendary American band R.E.M.

His now iconic photographs of Michael Stipe of R.E.M. can be purchased directly from the official R.E.M. store at the band’s official webpage www.remhq.com , please see: “Int.store” – “misc.section”. His images can be seen worldwide, anywhere, from the “The Library and Archives” department in the world biggest rock museum, The Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Cleveland Ohio, to England and London, at the acknowledge music gallery Rock City Art, further and into the art-collection of Statoil Art Programme, Statoil, Norway, that now own the entire R.E.M./Michael Stipe photography series.

(To READ more about Øyvind photography please visit www.oyvindsvele.com or ww.remtsp.com.

In terms of music Øyvind started writing songs in the early 90ties after he arrived back to Norway after touring with Metallica in the USA on the black album world-tour 91, as a roadie. An experience that changed his life forever and gave him a unique look inside into the world of rock’n roll, meeting stars like Neil Young, Guns’n Roses, Bob Geldof, Dave Lombardo and many more. He was also one of the first Norwegians that were offered a student place at Paul McCartney Music University LIPA and in the late 90ties the label Blue Flame Records released selected songs of his in three countries Italy, Germany and USA, which all received good reviews.

The famous US actor and screen writer from Swingers Mr. John Favreau, (known for blockbuster hits like Iron Man, Something's Gotta Give etc) and not to forget Vince Vaughn breakthrough movie “Swingers” enjoyed svele’s song “Happy Pretender” so much, that he granted Øyvind permission to use the famous “Nicky-Phone-conversation” from the movie Swingers, as intro to the song!!

Øyvind have performed acoustically all over the world from Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta to Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, Uk and Copenhagen, Denmark, to name a few places. His performances are a powerful experience to hear and a joy to watch. His honest lyric tells it like it is! And his catchy melody and unique voice are something you won’t forget!

His first album “The Basement Tapes Vol.1” that includes famous Norwegian artist like norwegian grammy winnerThomas Dybdal, was released in January 2013. And received a 5 stars out of 6 review, where one critic wrote – You might hear Neil Young here and there, but this is true song craft, and this album contains some excellent pearls!

Øyvind acoustically live is a volcano and a mix between Neil Young, Ryan Adams, BOB dYLAN, blended with a touch of alt.country pop!

He is currently working on songs for his 2nd album, set to be released in 2014.

webadresse: www.oyvindsvele.com and www.remtsp.com


TRACKS ”Mellow My Mind” og ” Country home” .
Album: In Aid of amazonian People Vol.1 .
Label Blue Flame Records :

TRACK: Falling Down:
Album: With a little Help
Utgiver: Foundation Florecer

Album: The Basement Tapes Vol.1
Tracks: 8
Publisher: Rememdy Records/Daniel Engen Productions
Release year: 2012
Cat. Dep 10

Distrubution: Spotify / Itunes / Amazon/
Musikk Operatørene (Norway)