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O'ZOK is an up and coming inspiring hip-hop/hip-pop Artist originally from Mississippi born and raised in a small city by the name of Columbus. As a US Veteran, OZOK has gain the ability to work as well as understand all different aspects of the world in which he uses to perfect his craft as a musician and an Artist. O'ZOK has been into music for majority of his life, from performing/choreographing talent shows/step shows to writing songs and producing beats of his own (Music is his life?). O'ZOK has opened up for several major Artists in Hawaii and Washington which includes E-40, Too Short, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne's Young Money, Brotha Lynch just to name a few. O'ZOK considers himself to be an Artist, (instead of a rapper), an entertainer and a producer. O'ZOK's first project was a debut album called "Bits and Pieces" in which he did a collaboration with his longtime friend LiveWire and completed it all within a months time. O'ZOK's second project was a mix-tape called "Destination Unknown" which featured several Artists from the state of Hawaii. O'ZOK has also been featured in one of Washington state underground hip-hop magazine "Hustle Up" 4th edition. O'ZOK is currently working on two projects, one a solo album, and the other a mix-tape. After placing 3rd in the Coast 2 Coast Seattle edition showcase, O'ZOK music career is definitely taking off. O'ZOK uniqueness, humbleness and ability to create, true positive music definitely separates him from every other hip-hop or rap Artist.




Hook: All about my pesos, I don't Fuck with haters, true fact no fable, where the Fuck is my waiter. 2x
OZOK's verse1: Walked in fresher than anybody I know. Hold on, hold up where the waiter I need to know. Been waiting for a minute don't need my shit to go. Crunked up, super charged about to overload. I'm crunked up to the max, I came out to relax, if that ain't what I ordered you need to send that shit back. Ain't worried about no hater, just worried about my paper. Shit bring me my Remy where the fuck is my waiter. Got me in deep thought, and if you want to talk, talk. But if you ain't talking about cash, then you need to walk it out Motherfucker get lost.. Outlined em' in chalk (dead).
Hook: All about my pesos, I don't f* with haters, true fact no fable, where the F* is my waiter. 2x
Talisha Verse: Oh, my pockets stay empty and I let em' know. Oh, I roll with them bitches who be smoking dro. High ass fuck, forget all them bitches eyeing us. Ass getting fat like my pockets you watch it, don't lie to us. Where the fuck, where the fuck is my waitress? I need to order some crab legs and lobster cause that's what you do when you getting that gualla. Bitch I make moves I be popping my collar, I do it turned your nig* into a stalker, he's on me and won't let me go. Go, Like i don't know, but get out my hand, like I'm playing dominoes. Money in hand, don't got no man, but I got them commas though. Pesos, new shit not a day old, these nig's do what I say so, just add that to my payroll nig*.
Hook: All about my pesos, I don't fuck with haters, true shit no fable, where the fuck is my waiter? 2x


One Of These Days
Yes We Can

Bits & Pieces
Destination Unknown (Mixtape)

Set List

3-4 songs a set: Goodnite, Addicted, Yes We Can, One of These Days.