Emilio Mendoza & Ozono Jazz

Emilio Mendoza & Ozono Jazz

 San Antonio de Los Altos, Miranda, VEN

Music group from Venezuela producing “eco-music”, original compositions related to the natural elements, fusing musical expressions & styles from India, Africa, Venezuela and from folk, rock, jazz. Performs as a sextet: two guitars, soprano, sax, bass and drumset, with Indian tablã as special guest.


The intention of our musical activity is to help protect the natural environment, using the power of communication of sounds to raise awareness in the listener for the pleasure of respecting and living with nature. This is expressed in the songs, dedicated each to the big and small basic spells of life: the sun, the immensity of silence and darkness of the universe, space, clouds and air, wind and water, fire, the earth, the living beings and their progress, life and eternal time.

We organize activities to inform about procedures to to adopt in our lives to make a change, in the way of "Eco-Sessions" or concerts with conferences on ecological issues, and we raise funds through the sale of our CD NATURA for two ecological organizations of Venezuela: Maternatura ONG in San Antonio de los Altos, and Fundación Todoverde in Choroní.

Since 2005 we make "ecological music", fusing musical expressions as diverse as North Indian, West African and Venezuelan folk with rock and jazz, in a variety of mixture of styles, techniques and areas of music. Ozono Jazz is to enjoy thoroughly and feel essence. The group performs preferably in the sextet format, but also in duo, trio or quartet, staging concerts in special places for their natural attraction, as in the Laberinto Cromovegetal of the visual artist Carlos Cruz-Diez at the Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, a sculpture made of 55.000 plants (see duo in YouTube).


CD: NATURA (2010)
For mp3's and video, see our website through Google, Myspace, YouTube: ozonojazz.
Promotion single "Espirales" see Youtube:

Set List

1. Silencio de Luz 2. Resplandor 3. Espirales 4. Sol de Mañana 5. Sentir del Viento 6. Evolución 7. Terruño 8. Danzas de Vida 9. Siempre 10. AguaClara

Al original music by Emilio Mendoza