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"A Fresh New Sound"


OzTronix's just-released CD, 'In The Presence', demonstrates that rare thing: a dynamic blend of multiple styles that actually works.

Mixing influences from Bowie to AC/DC with a splash of techno and Verdi this multistyled Australian collective are out to show that the sound scene Down Under is as fresh and vibrant as anything else currently out there.

Netspace magazine says, "These guys are going to be HUGE!' It's hard to disagree, especially after listening to the thumping variety available on 'In The Presence'.

Like musical magpies OzTronix plunder genres, beats and sounds with a casual arrogance and sonic swagger that has garnered respect from their peers and left certain sections of the media awestruck:

The London Daily Mail says, "The only thing more electrifying than OzTronix onstage was Sing Sing's electric chair."

Featuring core members Michael Vranic, Mark Fogarty (guitars, vocals, keyboards, production) and former John Farnham backing singer Lisa Patterson (bass/vocals/multi-instrumentalist), OzTronix look like a normal three-piece, but using additional personnel and instruments as and when the need arises is not something they shy away from. Just the kind of flexibility that has allowed their sound to break out and cross borders with ease.

Travel and some scary situations haven't dented OzTronix's desire for success – this fearless group gain inspiration from the most unlikely of sources, not least the people and countries they visit.

Lisa Patterson says, "When we were touring Croatia we were playing a club where this 19-year-old was a little drunk, and decided to make trouble for a security forces guy, who shot the guy in the shoulder. People started screaming and running this way and that, and this kid was lying on the floor clutching his arm and screaming something in Croatian. These two drop-dead gorgeous blonde bombshell girls ran to his side and started tending to him. We waited for the ambulance to turn up and after it had taken the kid away, Michael (our lead guitarist - who is Croatian) started killing himself laughing. I said, 'Michael! why are you laughing? That kid just got shot!' and he said, 'Do you know what that kid was screaming? He was screaming 'I don't want to die a virgin! I don't want to die a virgin!' Hence our song, 'Virgin'.”

With innovative stage shows and state-of-the art equipment the band have proven they aren't afraid to experiment in a live setting and new CD 'In The Presence' continues the theme in the studio. Taking risks is in OzTronix's nature, something any musician has to do if they want to leave their mark, and this is one band which is already thinking about its musical legacy:

Lisa Patterson says, "The money doesn't matter so much - we'll consider ourselves having 'made it' when in twenty years time young artists are thanking us for our contribution to the scene."

Up until 2001 the Melbourne band honed their skills strutting the Australian scene as rockers 'Foghorn'. Limited by the formulaic confines of standard rock however, the band decided on a three-way plan of attack which featured a rename, a reassessment of their sound and a radical change of direction. The results were dramatic and this eclectic collective haven't looked back since.

Now considered one of the most dynamic and innovative sound machines on the planet, OzTronix have broken into online top forty territory in three continents -- the global accolades speak for themselves:

The LA Tribune. Says, "These guys are tighter than a gnat's ass."
NetSpy Magazine says, "Our advice: buy all OzTronix CDs. They are going to make it BIG time."

Kerrang! Australia says, "We give their performance 5/5 for talent and originality!"


- BeatWire


Techno CD 1
Back to Da Past
In The Presence
Techno CD 2



OzTronix started work in Melbourne in the early 1990's, did several gigs and produced several records, including a 10-song CD, which was mastered at the band-owned studio.

The initial lineup was Mark Fogarty (guitars, vocals), Michael Vranic (guitars/vocals/AV production), Brian and Simon (keyboards & drums). The style was Hard Rock. The band was called 'Foghorn' until 2001.

During 2001, the band changed its name and structure: Michael and Mark (guitars/vocals/keyboards, production...) Lisa Patterson (bass/vocals/multi-instrumentalist). Several other changeable female vocalists also cooperate with the band.

The band sometimes plays as a trio, sometimes as a quartet, depending on the need, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, and combining this with a deep knowledge of rock, to create an advanced yet innovative sound on today's scene.

The show is owned and organised by OzTronix including the equipment especially chosen for playing various music styles as the band does.

Individual members have a great deal of experience in the entertainment industry, working with some of the world's greatest artists.

Michael has years of experience in the European music industry,(doing everything from stadiums to hotels, and a/v production). Lisa has experience performing as a vocalist and instrumentalist and has worked with some of the industry greats, on a variety of projects... Mark has been writing songs for well over ten years and his artistic contribution originally supported the backbone of OzTronix.

The sound is normally multi-styled: rock/metal/grunge/techno & dance, with combining these styles on different songs. We call it 'rock fusion'. Please, relax, and enjoy!!!