Stoner Rock with pop sensibilities and sometimes blues blurring together in a cloud of cigarettes, whiskey and beer.


About the Music

Drawing heavily on hard rock groups like Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Local H, the Foo Fighters and infusing it with the sounds of ZZ Top and Jimi Hendrix, point08 is a band that loves the rock in any way, shape or form.

Formed in 2002, point08 became a band when Matt, Shawn, Phil & Zac started a cover band, playing some of their favorite tunes, despite their popularity. Given that cover bands are all about playing #1 hits to the masses, this plan wasn't working out. Given their massed experience of writing original music and being in original bands, the members of point08 set out to craft songs that sung to them as being true to the rock form, with no theatrics or pomp. The riffs are hard, the lyrics are sometimes nonsensical and the air is filled with smoke and whiskey. That's what point08 is about.

point08 released their Aqua Vitae EP online in mid 2005. Many people have downloaded the material from their website, from their myspace account and from Garageband.Com, where the track "Monarchy" was voted the Hard Rock Track of the Day for Dec 27, 2005, as well as winning weekly awards for best guitars and climbing into the top #100 within days of being submitted. The other tracks from the EP also met with similar success.
About the People

Matt Stone: Bassist & Vocals

Matt is that huge dude holding the bass. He's got the vocals to back it up. Matt has been playing in local bands on and off for the last 10 years. He played guitar and bass with Zac and Phil in the band Intransit, who released their album "One More Minute" in late 2000. In 2001, Matt formed Killie McGee with Phil and played for 3 years, opening for such luminaries* as E'nuff Z'nuff before folding shortly after releasing their full length album, "Self-Titled".

Zac Cochran: Guitar and Vocals

Zac has also been playing in local bands on and off for the last 10 years. After his metal outfit Entropy (aka Paradigm) folded, he formed C.I.B. with Matt. C.I.B. begat Intransit, which brings us to present day. Zac has many years of experience in bass, guitar and trombone, which we are bound to bring out one day while recording an album consisting of 46 minutes of an 'E' chord while he freestyles.

Shawn Ritchie: Guitars and Yelling

Shawn brings the third vocals, soaring leads and tattoo's to the band. His history is laden with being a bassist for metal and hard rock bands throughout his teens, then rocked many a face playing bass for Wotan. One day his inner bitchin' guitar player erupted and he's been ripping it up since..

Phil Valenti: Drums and Maybe Some Vocals Someday

Phil has been drummer for years and years and years. Well, not quite that long, but long. Self taught drummer, self taught guitarist, self taught lover, Phil brings the hard back beat to the band. He's been know as "The Sledgehammer" for how hard he hits the drums. He's been all over the place, playing just about every instrument in every band, and also currently moonlights as a guitarist for the Blues Monkeys.



Aqua Vitae EP - 2005

Set List

We have a 4 hour back catalog of classic and hard rock covers, but use them sparingly now as 90% of our set is our own original music.