Metal old school, trash y power-metal.
A parasite walks among us, we pointed at the politicians, to entrepreneurs, to the clergy but when suddenly we see ourselves in a mirror we seem to be reflected with them.
P4R4S1T0 is not just a moan, is an inside voice that evidence the events which hinder our society. However if we victimize ourselves into the selfish entrepreneurs, the clergy rhetoric and the opportunistic politicians, we won’t generate a new society. Instead they will maintain the s


P4R4S1T0 sings without fear who can be bothered, because they believe in freedom of expression without borders. If someone does not dare to say it P4R4S1T0 will shout it. Using the metal genre they speak of things that can pass it on to any person in the day to day and they do it in their native language: Spanish.

The shirt, the tie and the cover face reflects a P4R4S1T0, a bureaucrat, someone who can be anywhere we go. But beware, anyone can become a P4R4S1T0, because it doesn’t have a defined face, in consequence of not knowing himself.

The four members of P4R4S1T0 are not seeking to be recognized, but that the public be recognized with them. Because we all are P4R4S1T0!


The sound of P4R4S1T0 is a metal old-school with influences in trash and power-metal. But without doubt, their music is the result of feelings and ideas that needed to come out. That’s why the letters come out like an explosion, which deals with politics and religion issues and the way in which the members of this society relate. Without wanting to establish a truth, but giving a point of view that doesn’t hide into the public opinion.

One of the bands that influenced the creation of this project was Pantera, a metal band from the nineties. P4R4S1T0’s goal was to form a metal band with a concept that has not been seen in Mexico. With that goal in mind they were able to open a concert to MOLOTOV, a Mexican and international famous band, at the Plaza Condesa, one of the most recognized stages in Mexico City, in 2012.