Yonkers, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

P.89 is literally the voice of the people. He's a young father of two who has everyday issues. His songs are filled with everyday situations, and experiences that each and everyone of us can relate to. No matter your path in life. P.89 is the voice of truth.


P.89 was born in 1979 in the Boogie Down Bronx's very own Jacobi hospital. He lived in the soundview section of the Bronx till the age of 12. When his mother, in search of a better life moved the family down to Charlotte North Carolina. After a few years, and the realization that maybe the grass was greener where they were. P.89 and his family found themselves back in New York in the south side of Yonkers. Where P.89 finally realized his true calling. Raised in a household where even his mother was an old school M.C. P.89 was bread with old school Hip-Hop as the soundtrack to his childhood. Inspired by all the greats , KRS-One, EPMD, Rakim, Slick Rick, etc. P.89 says he has fond memories of his mom pumping Heavy “D”, and Salt n’ Pepa. Rockin’ her MCM suit with her chunky rope. It was destiny preparing him. P.89 is the best thing out of Yonkers, NY since DMX, LOX, and Ruff Ryders hit the scene in the late 90's. Known for his Explosive stage performances, Fluid delivery, and Realistic song content P.89 is the breath of fresh air that the music industry has been yearning for. With his upcoming Ep Release “LateNight Takeout” P.89 Explores an array of heartfelt topics ranging from the war in Iraq on “Mr President” to the celebration of the everyday struggle on songs like “So Far”, “Get that”, and “The Past” where he also expresses his love and devotion to his wife and mother. P.89 also displays versatility with his southpaw style club banger “Get U’r Bread Up” as well as the ability to keep the floor packed with energetic crowd pleasing songs like “I Wonder” a guaranteed summer classic. With his stick and move flow, and that raw N.Y sound that the game has been missing P.89 is set to emerge as one of the premiere talents of this generation.


1. Get That
2. Get U'r Bread Up
3. Mr. President
4. The Past
5. So Far
6. I wonder If I could

Set List

A typical set for P.89 can run anywhere form 5 to 20 minutes depending on the time allocated for the performance. Our shows are in a multi-song format to keep the crowd moving, as we know public attention spands tend to be short. so we really don't give A.D.D. a chance to set in. A P.89 show really is a mind blowing experience.